The Folly Of Floundering: Engage With The Right Customers


Marketing is a very expensive part of doing business. It’s the expense that takes on the mantle of expenditure. We think that marketing is something we pay every now and then, but take a look at your budget for each month and you’ll see that marketing features in it all the time. So it’s best to get it right and not flounder your resources. The issue is, finding the right kind of people to market to. In a sea of 8 billion people, how on earth do you connect with the people that are most likely to buy your products or services? This is a challenge we shall solve in the following strategies.

Targeted content


You have most likely heard by now, that business blogs are the number one form of online campaign strategies for businesses, aside from video marketing. The latter is the most effective at click-rate conversion but the former is the best at bringing in organic customers. In other words, video ads will usually allow customers to find you and click to see what you offer, buy blog content and go out to find them first. It’s a strange thing to wrap your head around, but when you understand targeted content it all makes sense.


  • New fresh keywords that are trending
  • Reusing keywords which other companies have dropped, so they’re cheaper 
  • Listening to hashtags and responding to them in your content
  • Implement SEO for every new and old blog post. The latter is something that can be done to boost a page that is trusted by Google and has done very well. Just add new relevant content to it.


Specific SEO


You cannot cast the new wide with your SEO tactics. You should work with a company that is specifically in your industry, to do your SEO marketing campaign. For example, if you were operating in the property market, you should speak with a real estate investor seo marketing team. They offer crucial expertise in the real estate industry so you are going to be targeting consumers that know what they’re searching for, have an idea about what kind of industry jargon they will encounter on their search, and also boost your local SEO search results. Specific SEO is something that more and more businesses are looking to invest in. 


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Wrong for the right reasons


Do you find that you always bump into people that want to do something in the industry you work in, but they never hang around after the initial contact or only for one project? You’re speaking to the wrong people for the right reasons. You are venturing too far into too many avenues. Study the platforms and channels that are generating the most interest, consistently, and then fund more projects for reaching out to those people more.


Marketing is all about engaging with the right people first and then seeing if you can grow your reach. But don’t waste your time, money and effort, by casting the net too far and wide.