The Google Doodle


It has been a culture of the Google search engine to celebrate certain events in life. Over the years a series of people and events have been featured. Most of the Google doodles are quite impressive.

A doodle is a temporary logo on the Google homepage. According to Wikipedia, Doodle is an Internet calendar tool for time management, and coordinating meeting. 3 of the most celebrated Google doodles of 2018 are listed below in more detail.

A series of a family of penguins and parrots celebrated New Year’s Festive Season.

A series of designs featuring penguins and parrots populated the Google home screen to commemorate the Christmas 2017 and the 2018 New Year festive season. The Penguins were animated making them more entertaining.

As part of the doodle, users could see the penguin and parrots planning a holiday together. The penguins were a packing suitcase so that they would spend time together. Maybe at a casino resort taking a break from online gambling Canada for example.

The end of year/New Year festive season’s Google Doodle had animated numbers 25, 31, 1 highlighting the holidays. For Christmas, the Penguins met their parrot friends and shared presents. On Christmas Eve, the friends were preparing for the much-anticipated countdown as they appeared running about on the beach with sparklers. The New Year’s doodle was of two friends sitting together watching the horizon, waiting.

Google doodle celebrates Prince Harry and Meagan Markles Royal wedding.

United Kingdom Google celebrated the Royal wedding by creating a doodle dedicated to the Royal wedding. It showed a dreamy cartoon created by Vrinda V Zaveri with newlyweds waving to well-wishers.

Winter Olympic Games 2018

The Winter Olympics lasted for 17 days and Google uploaded a doodle to honour the activities. The last doodle represented the celebrations of all the participants with Fans and newly made friends. From day 1 to day 16 it was all about different animals participating in winter sports.

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