The Growing Promise of Ether



Crypto cash Ether is showing some muscle for the past fiscal quarter, reaching a new all-time high a few days ago. The rise topped $1430.00, according to crypto currency news sources. Ether has shot up over fifteen percent in less than twenty four hours on several occasions, making it one of the most popular crypto currency investments on the market today.


It’s was trading just below $1400.00 at the time of this posting.


Financial analysts are getting keen on the Ethereum platform, calling it, among other things, one of the most promising blockchain opportunities in the past six months. More and more Ethereum projects are in the works, showing that investors are gaining much more confidence in it.


Crypto currency experts are in unanimous agreement that at the present moment the Ethereum platform is giving BTC a real run for its money. Ether is being called ‘more compelling’ than bitcoin, and increasing in popularity at an enormous rate.


Ether is a key player in the most successful ICOs, according to most market analysts. The digital currency is a popular launch site for many ICOs because of its performance history to date. The framework is ERC20, which means a smooth and simple token launching.


Quite a few funds are thinking of using ether when planning their ICOs. Industry sources report that Telegram, the instant messaging company, is working on an ICO that will in all probability raise a billion dollars or more — and the funding is expected to be 90% in either. There’s no way this cannot affect the crypto currency’s price in a very positive manner.


According to crypto mining company BET Capital LLC’s CEO Ben Hortman, “For these reasons, among others, ether is considered one of the safest investments in the volatile crypto currency market.”