Choosing the Expat Experience


There are so many beautiful countries in the world; it is a shame that more people don’t feel the urge to get out and experience other cultures. In today’s society, people seem to think that before they can go and enjoy life, they first need to establish a career and a secure future, and often a family. If you are waiting until your kids have moved away, you will miss out on many other perspectives. Travel broadens you, and if you are a good person, it improves all the other things you do later in life. Your later years will be improved if you gain more wisdom in your youth. If you are not wealthy, the best way to see the world is to work in other countries as an expat.

  • How to Get Started: What you choose to do will depend a lot on what you like to do and what skills you have. It is not so easy to get a labour job in other countries. So, you will have to find a skilled position. The process is easier if you have had some post-secondary education. You will also need to figure out the visa situation at your target country. The situation is different in every country, so there will be a lot of research and questions you need to ask. You will almost certainly need to get a work permit. There is also the matter of insurance. For example, if your destination is Thailand, go online and search for health insurance companies in Thailand. Just like everything, you will need to get second opinions and compare benefits.
  • Commit to Learning: Being an expat is different than being a tourist. Tourists come to see and experience the highlights, and then they move on. An expat should try to immerse into the culture. It is one thing to judge others through your understanding; it is another to try and see why things are done differently. It is a learning experience that never ends. After a while, you will see some faults and deceptions in the new culture, and in your own, but you will also realise what things have universal value. There is a lot to be learned from simpler cultures. Not much in the west is designed to free you from the stress of the world. 
  • Commit to Two Years: Two years is not very long. But it is long enough to have gotten past the honeymoon period and the frustrations that often follow. It is enough time to make friends, learn some of the language, know your favourite foods, and have a little romance. If at the end of this time you decide this country isn’t the right fit for you. Move and start over somewhere new.

Being an expat is usually one of the most influential experiences in life. It is an experience that teaches you more about yourself than you would ever learn back in the matrix at home. And it also opens windows of understanding that will help you make better choices later on.