The Importance of Third-Party Testing


Although ideally, we want to say that our products or services work, work well, and are safe, without third party testing, that is a biased opinion. In some cases, reviews will act as proof that what you say is true. However, when it comes to food items, chemicals, supplements, and more, an independent third-party test is essential. 

What is third-party testing?

Third-party testing is where an impartial company is hired to test the claims of a product. It is a quality control process that will review your products, chemicals, supplements, and ensure that they are safe/work/meet the requirements for sale. 


After your product has passed the third-party testing, you will be issued a certificate to verify that your goods have been tested and work as advised. 


When it comes to testing chemicals, medication, and others, you will use sample accountability; get the facts here.

Who does the third-party testing?

Your third-party testing will be carried out by an organization that you have no affiliations. They will be an independent organization. It will be your duty to make sure that you have all of the relevant compliances and are allowed to issue certificates. There are some international standards and country-specific standards that both you and the testing body should adhere to. 


It is important that your chosen third-party testing organization has no party in any of the process of your product. This means no party of the conception, design, ingredient sourcing, materials, etc. 

Do I need third-party testing?

For many products, third-party testing isn’t a requirement. It does, however, bring legitimacy to your work that would be otherwise unobtainable. While reviews from buyers are great, and they will give you the social proof that a company needs. 


A review is not a substitute for a product being tested independently and found to perform correctly. 


Even if third-party testing isn’t required by your industry, setting a high standard, and ensuring your products are superior to your competitors in terms of quality can be used in marketing materials. 

Are there benefits to third-party testing?

Since third-party testing is essential to many companies, it makes sense that there are benefits for those companies who invest in third-party testing. Aside from just the certification, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in third-party testing. 


Because the third-party testing is independent, you and your customers can all be sure that your product really does what it says on the tin. Manufacturers can make many claims about their products, and while they are supposed to mostly be true, they can over-inflate the effects. 


Third-party testing will validate claims made by the manufacturers. 


Having your products tested regularly means that you can ensure that your products are always of a high-quality. The testing will also ensure that your products meet the security and safety standards are met too. 


The certification that comes with third-party testing is visual and actual proof that your product does what it is designed to do in the best way for your customers.