The Key to Finding and Utilising Talent in Your Business


Talented employees are the key to any productive and successful business. It could be a rockstar developer, a gifted designer or even a skilled labour worker that possesses years of experience. These are the types of employees that not only keep your productivity high but also inspire other staff members and can help them get used to your business and the way it works.


In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how you can find talented employees to join your business, but also how to make the most of those staff members.


Don’t limit your recruitment opportunities


The most common way to recruit is to simply post a position on a job board. This will get a lot of attention, but arguably isn’t the best way to sift through candidates and find the most talented people. That’s why a lot of companies have started to look for alternatives when it comes to recruiting.


One of the best ways to open your business to more talent is to consider different recruitment opportunities such as hiring overseas employees, using remote workers and also looking on social media. If you’re hiring overseas, it may require the use of a business immigration law firm to ensure everything can be settled correctly. However, this is a small price to pay if you’re able to secure an incredibly talented employee.


Consider using social media to recruit


One of the most popular ways to recruit talented employees today is to use social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. General social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are more popular for creative types, whereas LinkedIn gives you a better chance of finding employees with specific skill sets.


The way recruiting on social media works is often along the lines of this:


  1. Start by networking, growing your list of contacts and getting to know other businesses
  2. Put out a message that you’re looking for talented employees
  3. People in your network will also share that message to help their friends and followers find employment opportunities
  4. They’ll contact you regarding the job position
  5. Since they should also have a social media presence, you’ll be able to see their past work and how they interact with others
  6. This gives you a better understanding of their work ethic, creativity, skill and experience


This business trend has proven to be a great way to recruit talented employees, especially if you’re not limited to hiring locally.


Letting talent flourish in your workplace


Hiring talented employees is one thing, but allowing them to flourish instead of limiting their skills can be just as difficult. In order to make the most of your employees, you need to give them opportunities to flourish and be creative.


Create a good working environment by embracing their skills and lead with examples. You should also be open to listening to their requests instead of simply barking orders at them. Allow them to inject their personality into their work and try not to hold them back by limiting what they can and can’t affect in their position.