The Lee Kaplan Interviews on Price of Business Digital Network


Kevin Price, Editor at Large for USABR and Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business show, recently interviewed Lee Kaplan of the business law firm, Smyser, Kaplan, and Veselka about the politics of Texas and nationwide. Kaplan is a long time contributor of the Price of Business show and brings important perspectives on politics, business, and the law.

The Price of Business is one of the longest running shows of its kind in the country and is in markets coast to coast. The Host, Kevin Price, is a multi-award winning author, broadcast journalist, and syndicated columnist. Learn more about the show and its digital partners at (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

The Lee Kaplan Interviews

Political Candidates Should Listen More to Constituents

Is Joe Biden Going to Run for a Second Term?

What Does a Good City Government Look Like?

Were the Midterms a Mandate for Moderation?

Taking a Look at the Georgia US Senate Runoff

What’s Next in US and China Relations?

Takeaways from the 2022 Midterm Elections

The Economy and Business Weigh Heavily in Midterm Elections

How to Fix the Pervasive Acrimony in US Politics

From the Courthouse to Statehouse in Texas

Is Texas Midterms a Harbinger for the Rest of the Country?

Sizing Up Lindsey Graham’s Abortion Bill

A Look at a Highly Contested Local Government Race in Houston

Texas Race for Governor Takes a Very Ugly Turn

America’s Neglected Urban Environmental Disasters

Jamie Rootes Sad Passing is Sober Lesson for Everyone

Senior Aide to Houston Mayor Resigns After Pleading Guilty in Scandal

Trump’s Florida Home Raided by the FBI

Major Decisions are also Coming From State Supreme Courts

Legal Expert Gives the January 6th Committee a Grade

From City Hall to the White House — a Look at the Political Landscape

Biden’s War on Oil Companies, How Will That Help the Economy?

The Blame Game is in Full Force After Uvalde Massacre

What is the Actual Goal of the January 6 Committee?

The Impact of the Roe vs. Wade Overturning Might Have Could Surprise People

Elon Musk and the Free Speech Landscape

Unboxing the Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

Unboxing What Promises to be Russia’s Next Endless War

Why Biden’s SCOTUS Appointment will Likely Be Confirmed

There are Lots of Complaints About Local Governments, Here are Some Answers

Harris County, Texas Had Serious Voting “Irregularities” in Recent Primary

Is Houston, Texas Politics a Reflection of the State and Country

In Texas Bush Runs an Implied Trump Endorsement Ad in AG Race

A Look at Houston’s Efforts to Battle Crime

A Look at the Supreme Court’s Decision on Alabama Redistricting Case

A Serious Look at Big City Crime Problem

What Should Employers Do When They Have an Employee Sick with COVID?

Sizing Up the Biden Administration’s First Year

Bridging the Ideological Gap—in Houston and Elsewhere

Democrats Must Rethink Criminal Justice Messaging

The Problem of Joe Manchin

US Politics is Busy Early On

Will Accessing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Help the US Economy?

Leading Attorney Discusses Possible Legal Consequences of Travis Scott Concert

Texas Demographics Paint an Interesting Picture of Future Elections

Biden Plays Beat the Clock with Infrastructure Legislation

Texas Redistricting Map is Bound to Face Serious Legal Challenges

Can the Democrats Keep the Congress in 2022?

Gov. Abbott Mandates that Businesses Cannot Have a COVID Vax Mandate

The Shocking Similarities Between Trump and Biden’s Leadership Styles

Does Either Infrastructure Bill Stand a Chance?

Rural, Urban, and the Infrastructure Bill

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Democrats Flee Special Session in Texas

Bad Players in Politics is a Bipartisan Problem

Both Parties are Mishandling the House “Riot” Committee

Democrat Legislators on the Run in Texas

President Biden’s 5 Month Report Card

Saving the Filibuster Prevents Divisiveness

Immigration Takes Front and Center on Many Fronts

Is Texas Land Commissioner Bush Waging War Against Houston?

When is the Last Time You Voted FOR Someone?

Sizing Up the Biden Administration’s First 100 Days

Public Authorities and Healthcare Experts Have Muddied COVID Education Efforts

The Democrats Case for this GOP Immigration Proposal

Sidney Powell Uses “Insanity Defense” to Explain Her Claims of Election Fraud

Sizing Up Texas Political Leadership During Historic Snow Storm

Senate Settled the Question if One Can Be Convicted After Leaving Office Years Ago

What are the Futures of the Democrat and Republican Parties

How Can Biden Unify a Divided Country?

Following Capitol Assault, Will Actions Be Taken Against Trump?

Will This One Reform Dramatically Alter the Polarization of America?

The Most Important News Stories of 2020

Has COVID Changed the Way we Do Business Forever?

The Stories Driving the News Following the 2020 Elections

The Latest on the Biden Transition

Democrats Shocked by Election Results in Texas

Sizing Up the 2020 Election Results

The State of Politics in the Final Days of the 2020 Election

Watching One of the Most Bizarre Political Seasons in Modern History

Is Trump’s “Generals vs. Troops” Rhetoric Harmful for Military Morale?

An Early Assessment of the Effort to Get Kids Back to School

Trump’s Overreach in Latest Government Relief Executive Orders

A Round Up of Texas Run Off Elections

Convention Chaos for the GOP in Texas

Gorsuch’s Independence on the Supreme Court Should Be No Surprise

COVID-19 is Heating Up Again in 19 States, What’s Next?

The Legal Implications of Trump Insinuating TV Host Involved in the Death of a Staff Member

Beware of a Huge Increase in Business Lawsuits Due to COVID-19

The Supremes are Looking at Trump’s Taxes and More on the Price of Business

Partisan Hypocrisy Around Federalism Might be Dangerous

Can the Coronavirus Help the Democrats in 2020?

This Politician May be the Biggest Winner From the Pandemic

A Panoramic Overview of the Federal Government’s Response to the Coronavirus

Joe Biden Gets Ever Closer to the Nomination

An Interesting Wrinkle in a Google Patent Lawsuit

Trump, Roger Stone, and the Justice Department

NH Primary is History, What’s Next?

Will John Bolton “Bomb Shell” Matter in Impeachment?

An Explosion in Houston is Heard Around the World

2020: The US Gears Up for a Major Election Year

Lessons from the 2019 Elections in Houston, Texas

The Next Phase in the Trump Impeachment Process

Houston’s Reputation is Taking a Beating

News Roundup

Trying to Bring a Little Calm to the Red Host Abortion Debate

Why the Houston Mayoral Race Matters in 2020

A Look at the Political Landscape Entering into 2020

Why it is in the Democrats Best Interest to Abandon this Impeachment Effort

The Impact Michael Bloomberg Has on the Race for the White House

Why Democrats Might Find 2020 Very Disappointing

What is the Future of Congressional Redistricting in Texas?

Former Cop Convicted of Murder Only Getting Ten Years, Why?

Turnover in the Texas courts: Opportunities for Plaintiffs

The Ukraine Quagmire: Opportunity for Democrats, (No) Peril for Cornyn

Does the Coast Guard, FDA Inspectors, and TSA Working without Pay Make You a Little Nervous?

The 2018 Elections: What They Mean and Implications for 2020

Is John Cornyn Vulnerable in Texas? What Kind of Impact Will Democrats Have in 2020

The UK Has a New Prime Minister

That Moment the Democrats Lost in 2020

Lori Loughlin is Facing, Essentially, A Life Sentence for College Scam, Legal Authority Weighs In

Tuesday’s Election Indicates State Remains Firmly in GOP Hands

Political Round UP

Washington DC Week in Review

Washington News Roundup