The Longevity of Dacapo's In The Heights


DAC-LogoPastry Chef Lisa Biggerstaff is the co-owner of Dacapo’s in the Houston Heights alongside her twin sister Trese. The cozy pastry cafe has the same presents and vide today as it did when the sisters took it over in 1998. Dacapo’s has stood the test of time and watched the development of the neighborhood grow around them. This duo knows what it takes to have longevity in such a competitive industry and the proof is in the pudding. They have experiences growth every year they’ve been in business.

Give us a brief history of Dacapo’s?

Trese and I opened Dacapo’s in May of 1994 along with Leticia & Kirk Graham. Long story short……we ended up owning the cafe ourselves in 1998. I had previously been a pastry cook/pastry chef for Four Seasons Inn on The Park now called Houston Omni Hotel for 6 years. I learned from some of the best pastry Chefs in the city at the time. (1986-1992). Trese watched the Cooking Channel while recovering from back surgery to enhance her skills.

Who is your ideal client?

We’re in a neighborhood so our ideal customers are Heights families. We have customers from all over the city as well. We deliver to quite a few companies downtown too (Lunches and sheet cakes).

What is the biggest challenge facing your business today?

One of our biggest challenges is being able to keep our prices low enough for the average family to afford. With the rising prices of all our ingredients it’s hard at times! Staying consistent with all our menu items is very important also.

What factors contribute to longevity in the industry?

Some factors for us being here for 20 years is having the love of owning your own business for one and second is turning the cafe over to the Lord Jesus Christ!! We sure couldn’t survive without all His guidance and blessings He bestows on us year after year. Hopefully our customers can feel the peace and love in every bite!!!! Customer service is of the utmost importance!!! Treat others as you wish to be treated….. and I know I like to be treated very good!!


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