The Man in the Bow Tie: The Professor

You may have noticed a friendly fellow excitedly pointing toward the sky and exclaiming “Brilliant!” on our social media pages, or living large with his head full of crazy hair overflowing from the edge of our billboards. This lovable guy is The Professor, and he’s the face of Brilliant Energy.

The Professor represents who we are as a company, because, in addition to being friendly and helpful, he is knowledgeable, and in that way brings to life our play on the word “Brilliant!” His animated personality is as big as his hair, and he is excited to help teach and connect with people. He and his best friend and furry companion, Beep, help us connect with our animal community.

If you would like to see more of the Professor, visit our social media pages for his weekly trivia questions and our blog for his electricity history lessons.



Brilliant Energy