The Most Common Lawsuits A Business Might Come Up Against


The law can be a tricky subject for a modern business. All kinds of health and safety hazards exist out there, as well as intellectual property rights and varying forms of copyright. And if you’re a brand new business owner, it can be hard to navigate the field without infringing on any of them! If you don’t do your research correctly, you might just be hit with a lawsuit before you’ve even registered your business name. 


Which is why it’s important for you to be aware of them most common forms of lawsuits a business can come up against. If you know about them, and you know what it takes to avoid them, you’re going to have a far easier (and cheaper) time of establishing your business. 

Discrimination Lawsuits


Of course, discrimination is something a lot of people have their own opinions about. What one person sees as a discriminatory act, another person might see as completely normal to occur in the workplace. It’s finding a delicate balance between the two that you need to do here, to ensure that no discrimination lawsuits will have cause to be brought against you. 


There are quite a few forms of discrimination you need to be aware about: gender, age, race, disability, and even marital status can sometimes count as a form of discrimination. For example, if a couple wanted to rent a house and they were denied tenancy simply because they were not married, it could be brought in front of a tribunal. 


Be careful about the rules you use to keep your workplace in check. Always hire based on ability, rather than taking someone’s looks and personality into account. It’ll prove best for business! 


Personal Injury Lawsuits


If someone who works for you is injured whilst in the workplace, there’s a chance they could claim a personal injury lawsuit against you. After all, you should have been looking after them, and had rules and regulations in place to ensure they could about their work day without getting hurt. 


There are quite a few ways someone can get hurt at work, and there’s quite a few health and safety regulations to ensure the most common accidents do not occur on a frequent basis. So, for example, if you didn’t put out a wet floor sign right after the office floor had been cleaned, this could sorely count against you and your business – it’s one of the most basic safety rules of the working world, after all.  


And if you have a company fleet, you’re not technically off the hook in this area either. Road accidents and emergencies might even fall under this category. The NBA Law Firm’s accident attorneys could tell you that over 1000 injuries occur on the road state by state, and there’s a good chance one of your company fleet vehicles could be involved one day. If the vehicle is found to be not safe to drive during the tribunal, or an employee decides to take their claim to you based on the fact that they were on the clock when the accident occurred, you might have to foot the bill. 


Contract Breach Lawsuits


And then in comes the contract – contract breaches can occur on so many levels, on both yours and the contractee’s end of the bargain. If you bring someone in to work for you, and they cannot complete a task that was outlined in the contract, you have a case for contract breach, and might be able to take it to court if the ensuing damage was bad enough. 


If a contractor you hired to build a new section of office block for you does a shoddy job, and part of the building collapses or retains heat or water damage whilst you’re at work, you definitely have a case for contract breach here. At the same time, if the contractor you hired claims they were not paid in full by you, as outlined in the contract, they may also have a case for the judge to hear. 


Many Businesses Face Lawsuits


If you’ve had one brought against you, you’re not alone. Many new and small businesses dread the day that someone might want to file a claim against them, for various actions, and it’s being aware of the most common types of lawsuits that’ll save you face for another day. 


Always be aware of what goes on in your workplace, and the kind of people you hire to get the job done.