The Must Have Features That Every Spy App Should Have


Today, social networking sites have become an important part in life of teenagers and youngsters. But, along with offering some high end benefits, it also carries risk as well. Due to this, it becomes much important to keep a keen eye on them and what they are using. To overcome this problem you must go for spy app which is easy to use and helps in monitoring each and everything stored in device memory. Although, you will find number of options available online but choosing one among so many can be much difficult. You can check out and make your search easy.

List of some must have features – Here are some of the main features which a spy app should definitely have –

Multiple device management – Monitoring or spy app makes thing much easier for users as most of the premium app offer feature of multiple device management. This means you can monitor more than one device at the same time. You can add as many licenses as per your choice in a single account. Multiple device features is available at control panel and also let users view all the important information at a single glance. It even displays on-off status, Bluetooth, device name, battery life, carrier signal, GPS and storage usage. It helps in viewing backup and restores commands, details of phone, restore factory settings and much more.

App blocking feature – Spy app is highly opted by parents and employers to check whereabouts of their employees and children. But, most parents are worried for their children like what applications they are using and which site they are browsing. May be some sites have restricted content, while others have over the top content. In fact, sometime they start talking to strangers who encourage them to indulge in unwanted activities. But, you can have control on this by opting for blocking feature. This feature will allow you to select some sites or apps which you don’t your children to visit again and again.

Password grabber – This is another important feature that most of the spy apps have. With help of this feature you can read passwords as well as passcodes contained in any iPad, iPhone or Android device such that you can access all the information and services directly. Not only this, with help of feature you can also learn about login details and credentials for social media apps including Emails, Skype, Twitter and Facebook. Users can even read all the stickers, messages, pictures, profile, status, emoticons and locations.

Live control panel – Another main feature that spy app should have is live control panel. This feature is something which makes spy app more flexible and reliable. There are different types of software available online which offer this facility. This innovation allows to perform live monitoring securely and it can be controlled from anywhere with help of your smartphone. In fact, if you are choosing a premium app then users can view screen just like a television with current location map instantly within no time. The main benefit of live control panel is that, it helps in performing live commands and gives latest information.