The Necky and New Owl Bar in London

Courtesy of The Huffington Post


On Today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we discovered the newest product that you don’t want to spend your money on and a bar that will feature live owls.

The Huffington Post brought our attention to the Necky, which is a fleece blanket that covers the face with a hole for your nose. Kevin (host) and Sigmund(producer) agree that this is nothing new because of the headwear that Middle Eastern women wear.

Our other story comes from , where a new London cafe will open next week that will feature cocktails and Owls, including one that can spin its head around 360 degrees. Dan wants to sign up because he loves owls and think it would be a super cool experience.

Kevin also wants you to also check out the Huffington Post’s Weird Christmas Gift List, which can be found here.