The New York Real Estate Scene: Interview with Kathleen Perkins


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Kathleen Perkins. According to a statement, she is an “interior designer, Real Estate maven, stager, design concierge, bathroom and kitchen specialist”…. she “does it all.” A graduate of Cornell University, Kathleen has emerged as an expert and veteran design professional who has developed multi-million dollar projects from conception to completion. During her decade-long stint at Waterworks in Manhattan, she collaborated closely with eminent architects and interior designers throughout NYC as the “go-to” resource on top-notch bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Tell us about city and what is going on in Real Estate there in general.

Real estate in New York has been very, very hot for awhile now, with prices going well above the pre-2008 crash range. I work in an up-and-coming area in Brooklyn with a lot of historical homes, and the kind of space that is completely unaffordable in Manhattan. It is attracting a lot of young people and families, and the neighborhoods are developing quickly and prices are rising.

What, specifically, is the situation with prestige properties in your region? There is more interest in prestige properties than ever in New York. The seriously higher-priced places don’t even stay on the market for long if they have a lot to offer. Bidding wars are not uncommon, and if you stop to think about it too long, somebody else will grab it up. The market is attracting people of high net-worth from around the world, as well as investors.

How is this situation affecting your Real Estate practice and what are you doing to grow your firm? It is helping me to grow my own business. I am part of a larger firm, which does very well, and referrals and new customers both buying and selling have kept me very busy. I use newsletter, social media, and of course, word-of-mouth is very powerful.

What type of tools do you bring to help you reach clients (content you have produced, special websites, etc.)? We have a new website with our new press, other projects I have been involved in (I am an interior designer and have also bought, gutted and flipped many houses in NYC). As I mentioned, we send out a newsletter, and communicate with people through Twitter.

Contact information: Kathleen’s website is: