The No Waste Packaging Customers Want


As the environmental cause is gaining more and more attention around the world, customers are looking for a way to reduce their impact on the planet. From electric cars to energy management, most households have already switched to green habits where they could to minimize waste. But the struggle remains the same when it comes to grocery shopping. Indeed, packaging solutions are not perceived to be waste-friendly by the target audience. Customers have expressed their wish about packaging solutions. The packaging they want needs to guarantee minimum waste in terms of environment, time and money. Here are ways to tackle their requirements as effectively as possible.


The eco-friendly packaging

It is unfortunate but true; we live in a throwaway culture. As a result, plastic packaging has spread all over the world, not in bins and trash cans, but on beaches, along the road, in fields and towns. KNowing that it takes up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down, you can easily understand how the toss-away culture can have a durable and semi-permanent impact on nature. It’s not just a matter of ruining beautiful landscapes, but plastic packaging is also putting wildlife at risk as every year millions of fishes, birds and small mammals are harms by the waste produced and disposed of by the human civilization. As a result, customers are becoming aware of reducing waste by buying products that don’t come in plastic packaging. Ultimately, one supermarket has heard their prayers and debuted last month the first entirely plastic-free aisle in the Netherlands. It doesn’t solve the environmental waste problem, but it will certainly have a positive impact on buyers’ behavior and habits. By reducing the need for plastic at the source, we can hope to reduce harmful wastes and risks for the wildlife gradually.

The handicap-friendly packaging

There is a type of customers most companies don’t think about, and it’s the disabled, yet independent customer. More and more people have to live with disabilities every day as a result of illness, accident, or genetic condition. Therefore, offering a packaging solution that takes away most of the difficulties of preparing food can improve their lives greatly. For instance, if you sell seafood, investing in professional skinning machines, can facilitate choices for disabled customers, who normally have to stay away from fresh fish because of its tricky preparation. Additionally, offering fresh ingredients that are pre-chopped in a bag makes it easier and quicker to stick to a healthy diet without the struggle. In short, keep packaging user-friendly.

Not everyone can prepare their food

The cost-friendly packaging

Finally, no customer wants to spend a fortune on the packaging. Consequently, you need to offer cost-friendly solutions by combining outsourced talents, high-tech equipment and space-saving shapes. Ultimately, the bigger the packaging solution, the more expensive it will be to make. Consequently, if you can design a solution that protects the ingredient adequately without being over-sized or too heavy, you can save a lot of money down the production line, and your customers will notice the difference at the till too.

The bottom line is that nobody likes waste, and your customers even less. So make sure that your packaging solutions can save the planet, time, and money altogether!