The Not-So-Obvious Benefits Of Pursuing A Full-Time MBA




Earning an MBA degree opens many doors for the emerging business professional who is aspiring towards higher calibre positions, greater responsibility, or a potential bump in salary. Holding a Masters in Business, however, shows prospective employers that the graduate applying to work with their company or firm has obtained more than just a piece of paper. There are reasons why the MBA degree is so highly regarded; these types of Masters programs can be incredibly challenging.By completing their MBA at a respected school, a candidate demonstrates their academic aptitude and a strong work ethic. It further showcases an applicant’s ability to take charge, commit to projects, and spearhead a team towards success.

Studies show that recent MBA alumni seek higher leadership positions upon graduating.This is because their degree has prepared them for the demands of management, and consequently, advancement in their chosen careers. Pursuing the degree also challenged them to find a work-life balance, and these skills allowed them to better compartmentalize personal and professional life when returning to the workforce with newly acquired prestige.

Additionally, a fulltime year long MBA has proven to be instrumental in helping business leaders land their first professionally-rewarding job outside of school. By only taking a year off to complete their desired specialization, they receive essential training without taking too much time away from work, making diving back into the job market simpler. Their education then has a positive impact on their career progression while providing them with a new-found authority over its direction.


Of course, there are also salary benefits to consider, as new hires can expect to receive a $45,000 salary premium over new bachelor’s degree recipients in the Unites States, making now the best time to apply for a one-year fulltime MBA program. The pros outweigh any trepidations regarding time taken to return to school. The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics is one of the top programs in Canada offering this type of intensive one-year degree, complete with internship opportunities and ten different specializations from finance to entrepreneurship.

The full time MBA program at Lazaridis also immerses applicants in the vibrant and creative atmosphere that embodies Waterloo, Ontario – Canada’s start-up city. Fulltime candidates have the opportunity to participate in multiple incubators across campus, helping them to grow and develop their business ideas – allowing them to be tested in safe and encouraging environments that support experimentation before they take these projects out into the market.

By graduating from a top MBA program, students are better prepared for the realities and pressures of business, making this degree one of their greatest assets. Through the Lazaridis program’s integrated core model, students begin to look at problem solving from all sides, a necessary trait for those leading an enterprise. Finally, by studying fulltime for a shorter period of time (in comparison to other programs), students can give focus and attention to their studies without sacrificing a whole year of potential work experience that could be beneficial to their growth.