The Preppers Were Right, Post-Apocalyptic Best Selling Author Moves to Motion Picture



Screenwriter Scripts “The Borrowed World” and “Ashes of the Unspeakable”

Houston, Texas (May 19, 2017) – Popular and trending Novelist Franklin Horton has capitalized on an opportunity to take his The Borrowed World Series: Novels of Post-Apocalyptic Collapse as seen through the eyes of a single family to the silver screen.

“I had an opportunity to go on a radio show in Houston and got the attention of a producer who was interested in my first book ‘The Borrowed World’ and after he bought a copy on he called me to talk about turning it into a motion picture screenplay,” says Mr. Horton, “He then bought ‘Ashes of the Unspeakable’ and suggested we do the same thing with this book.”

The Series

Two motion-picture length scripts have been written by Screenwriter Norman Ray Fitts of Houston who hosts the Houston Film Industry Meet-up Group in Houston with over 5,000 industry professionals and himself a published author and produced screenwriter.

The original radio interview with Franklin Horton that aired on “The Price of Business” on KTEK 1110AM on Bloomberg’s Home for Radio in Houston (Salem Broadcasting):

“I was excited to discover this unique story line and wanted to read the books first before taking on the project,” says Norman, “Each book warrants having its own motion picture and will take viewing audiences into a potentially futuristic world that most preppers are prepared for and many folks think may never happen. These books take you on a journey of ‘What if?’”

Franklin has been on tour at book signings across America and has two other books complete for review as potential screenplays “Legion of Despair” and “No Time for Mourning”. His 5th book in the sequel “Valley of Vengeance” is due out in June.

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The Borrowed Book Series Loglines:

Logline for “The Borrowed World”:

In the aftermath of a Terrorist attack on the country, leaving three quarters of the country without electrical power, and our refineries unable to produce enough fuel, a man, and his wife at home with their kids, separated by hundreds of miles, must restructure their lives in a matter of days to guarantee their survival.

Logline for “Ashes of the Unspeakable”:

In this sequel to “The Borrowed World”, following the Terrorist attack on the country, a father, on a business trip with friends, hundreds of miles from home, must overcome the atrocities encountered on the road to reunite with his family while his wife, and thirteen year old son, must learn to kill to survive.

About Franklin Horton:

Franklin HortonFranklin Horton lives and writes in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.  He attended Virginia Intermont College and Virginia Commonwealth University.   In his spare time he pursues outdoor adventures with his wife and two children.  His interests include camping, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, and shooting.



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