The Price of Business at the Free Market Medical Association Convention


By The Price of Business Show.

Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business, was a featured speaker at last year’s 2016 Free Market Medical Association annual convention.  He was not able to make it this year, but that has not stopped the radio program for covering this important event designed to help restore the relationship between doctors and patients.  Price of Business Show Contributors, Dr. Jeffrey Davenport and Thomas Yakopin are covering the event on the show’s behalf.  Stories have already been filed and you can expect to hear all of them on US Daily Review, USA Business Radio, USA Daily Chronicles, and the Price of Business website.  They will begin to be released in the next couple of days.

The stories will include medical authorities, great stories about how the free market is changing (and improving) the delivery of healthcare, and more.

Here is Price’s speech at the 2016 FMMA: