The Real Business Security Risk? Lack Of Investment


Some businesses, believe it or not, think that paying lip service to all of the standard security installations is enough when protecting their business. A business leader may have heard of what VPN’s do, for instance, and so purchase the first one that seems like a good enough deal. But remember, worthwhile security is not best expressed via how much you can arm yourself with, but how quality and robust that protection is in the first place.


If this takes an additional investment, or more thorough subscription service payments, then so be it. Your business security is worth it. However, as a business leader leafing through all of your potential security options, it can be hard to know just what services or cohesive installations to opt for. Thankfully, we have decided to curate some worthwhile advice to help any business owner, small to large, apply the protections that their business so sorely needs.


This not only protects your investments from risk, but can also enhance the morale felt within your team. As far as that’s concerned, please consider our advice:


Gating Access


Gate access to your business, and invest in the best practices for doing so. Why leave your front door wide open when being buzzed into the building at the discretion of your receptionist could be a better and safer option? Why not invest in keycards that allow staff access to the floors they need to occupy? Computerized systems may also enable the chance for you to see just who comes in and out of your building at any one time. It’s not to see how that can also enable you to apply accountability, such as in the event of office supplies going missing or other such issues.


Security Footage


Security footage is, of course, worthwhile, but are you investing in the best equipment to capture it? Security camera installation should be applied in a manner that makes the most sense, covering the most area and doing so with high-quality color imagery. This can help all staff members within the building remain protected, and for issues to be reported correctly. Security footage can also enable staff and your firm the ability to protect itself, such as getting to the root of what happened during a workplace injury.


Staff Protocols


Staff protocols are important to consider, because they influence behavior to no uncertain degree. Are your staff trained to hit a panic button should someone come into your jewellery store with harmful or aggressive intent? How can staff report suspicious behavior experienced among staff, such as theft or bullying, without developing a culture of proto-secret-policing? How well is your staff policy designed to help them understand how to focus and respond to situations that involve conflict? If you haven’t one, might it be best to ensure that is applied now? When you have your staff on side, you can protect them and your firm in good turn.


With this advice, we hope you can avoid security risks through lack of financial and policy investment.