The Right way to Increase Ecommerce Sales Through Instagram Promotions



E-commerce is a challenging domain, and several companies are competing with one another. To stay afloat in the market competition, working hard is just not enough. You need to be smart and use the power of social media marketing to reach out to the targeted audience and sell your products to them. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popular social media platforms via which you can reach out to your targeted audience. However, when it comes to getting the competitive edge for your e-commerce business, Instagram is the perfect platform for you!

Why use Instagram for e-commerce?

The obvious question comes to your mind as to why you should use Instagram to reach out to your targeted audience? Instagram is a visual platform where you can showcase your products online to your targeted audience without hassles at all. The mobile application can easily be installed on your smartphone, and all you need to do is click pictures with the right focus and angle for your products. These pictures need to be uploaded online with the right photo filters so that you get a competitive edge in the market with people reaching out to you.

E-commerce customers are looking for unique pictures and videos of your products. To reach out to them, regular posts are essential for you to get followers for Instagram. You should plan your posts and publish them with the right caption. The caption should be written in such a way that it attracts the targeted audience to your brand.

Experts say that when you are using Instagram to drive sales to your e-commerce website, it is crucial for you to create a call to action link with your posts. When you are publishing posts on Instagram, you have a purpose in mind. Either you are posting content for selling products, or you wish to inform your targeted audience the launch of a new product.

Remember when you are creating content for Instagram, you must use the correct hashtags for the post. If you use irrelevant hashtags, your post will never reach the audience you seek. Experts suggest you should opt for hashtags that are trending and popular. In case you are a beginner, it is prudent for you to visit competitor websites where you can get an idea of what hashtags you should use.

Last but not the least, be regular with your posts. There is no point marketing your products on Instagram if you are not regular with your posts. If you have issues logging into Instagram daily, it is wise to use a good quality posting software that will automatically line up and post content for you at regular intervals. Do not overwhelm your targeted audience with too many posts in one day. Space your posts out wisely and ensure that you post daily. With the above tips, you can reach out to the targeted audience easily and drive sales to your e-commerce website with success!

Author Bio: Debbie Roland is a social media manager with an esteemed digital media company in the USA. She says that regular posts for your e-commerce website will attract followers for Instagram and establish your web presence online.