The Rise and Rise of Engraving Logos and Images in the Industrial Market



Engravinghas become an integral part of the business world. Just about everyone wants some emblem etched onto their business premises or an image that represents their business to be engraved on products. this makes it easy for them to customize specific items.

It is an achievement for enterprises, both big and small, to have their engraved items take pride of place on visible platforms. This is good advertising because they get to be seen and if interest develops, it will lead to enquiries which may in turn lead to sales. It is therefore not strange to see engraved items on such platforms as:

  • Television shows
  • News conferences
  • Industry boardrooms
  • Workshops and professional conferences
  • Business and entertainment events

What is engraved?

Engaging engraving firms like PBS Engraving and others will be a great way to get advice on what items and surfaces can be engraved. Engraving will be found on business cards, pens, stationery, identification cards, credit cards, sensitive documents and any specific items that a firm chooses to have engraved. It provides:

  • Serial number engraving
  • Component labels
  • Brand labels
  • Timestamps
  • Barcode etching
  • Industry-specificcodes
  • Inventory tracking tools
  • Data matrix code markings

Laser engraving

Laser engraving has become synonymous with identification in the business world. Many employees have their names and numbers engraved on their identification badges or cards. It is important in:

  • Identification
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Safety and warning notification
  • Loss prevention

Many industries and also government agencies have adopted laser engraving to provide added security.

Benefits of laser engraving

  • There is added security as one cannot just scratch out engraved numbers or words.
  • Many items can be engraved at one time. This works exceptionally well for identification cards and/ or parts that need to be engraved at one go.
  • There are specific machines for engraving difficult parts. You just need to find the right machine.
  • The engraving is permanent.
  • Engraving is clean. Other markings can be messy.
  • Engraving is clear. Other markings can be difficult to make out.


  • You should ensure that you get the right machine. Larger engravers are best suited for industrial sectors because they will have more items to be engraved. Business premises are also more likely to have larger surfaces that will need engraving.
  • You also need to make sure that you get a system that will offer a faster engraving process. Such a system will save you some precious time and get more work done.

Why should you get engraving?

Simply put, engraving offers more security to counter fraud and duplication of intellectual property. It also looks better and classier to have documents and items in a company engraved. You know what they say about image. It is, indeed, everything. An ID card which is engraved looks a lot better than one that has writings on it. The engraved document is also likely to last longer. The former can fade.

You can get engraving for your industry for security or even for aesthetic purposes, but ultimately, it will be a good thing for your business to check out engravers like PBS Engraving and others to get the services that will serve you best.