The Rise of Pink Banana Media


Name and official title of CEO:

Matt Skallerud, President of Pink Banana Media

Tell us about our business:

With the internet booming in 95’, but no way to locate LGBT resources online, Matt Skallerud set out to make a change. In May of 1995, Skallerud launched, a site designed to compile resources so that LGBT individuals could access information about what is happening in their community. From GayWired, Skallerud and his team went on to learn how to program HTML and taught themselves more advanced languages. From this education, a site was created that specialized in retail and commerce that went on to become the first website to sell gay and lesbian products on the internet.

With ample and successful experience in aiding companies in regards to LGBT audiences, Skallerud started Pink Banana Media with a mission to help companies interpersonally market to the gay and lesbian community online.

What makes your company the leader in its industry?

Pink Banana Media is much more creative than competitors in the industry, and Skallerud’s team uses cutting edge technologies and tools to give clients the results that they desire. Websites, editorials, email and social media are all in Pink Banana Media’s repertoire of expertise.

Clients have more freedom to use more efficient, personalized strategies and there are no restrictions. Skallerud seeks the most comprehensive way to reach the LGBT community through any site.

 What contributions have you made and are willing to take towards the world?

Skallerud does a great deal of public speaking to businesses that could benefit from his abilities. When speaking at businesses conferences with LGBT focuses, Skallerud makes sure that business owners receive walkthroughs and exposure to different technologies as he demonstrates the innovative strategies that Pink Banana Media practices.

What key qualities do you look for in your team? 

The President of Pink Banana Media stresses how important it is to recognize the fact that there is no “I” in team, as people should understand that they are working as part of a group, that they are allowed to push the boundaries and make a few mistakes without consequence. Skallerud believes that focusing as a group can recognize a problem, figure out what went wrong and plan out what needs to be done differently in the future. The Pink Banana Media team does not allow an “I in team” culture, and this is why the company has thrived thus far.

Words of advice for others growing their business:

“If you have a good idea, go for it. It’s not about understanding the textbook knowledge of where the market is, it’s about feeling comfortable understanding the technology, and understanding people and how you can put the two together. Get out there to hear what people have to say. Be able to take what people say with an open mind and adapt to it. Remember that you’re speaking with a consumer or client and not just broadcasting to them.”



Written/Edited by: Savanna McKellar, PR Agent