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A home buyer who buys a home using mortgage will need home insurance and an earthquake or flood insurance too at times. But when they use cash for the same, this coverage will be optional. But of course, after investing such a big amount, you will definitely wish to protect it. Hence insurance coverage undoubtedly is crucial. The best way to save some cash on insurance will be by joining hands with an insurance agent as they can guide you on the right amount of coverage required and will also at the same time offer you quotes from various companies. But buying a home using cash is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can be in a position of doing so provided you have adequate savings, won a prize or have a big amount through an inheritance. No matter the reason, when you have the needed cash buying a home outright will be a wise choice. All said about this; now the question is how a seller will find a good cash home buyer?

Tips to Follow

It is the changes both in the lending markets and in housing that has resulted in the rise of cash buyers. Basically, two kinds of people look for such buyers that is the real estate investors and the motivated sellers. Take a look at the different tips that will help a seller to choose the best cash home buyer.

  • Search Online- Look for these buyers online. Top websites like Craigslist is a good choice or simply doing a quick search online will show company ads that are planning to buy your home using cash. Resting on your financial situation, most of these companies will work fine but ensure in doing your research on the company. A real estate wholesaler will have to perform more research compared to a cursory online search.


  • Post Ads- Posting advertisements for cash home buyers will help. If you are the owner of the property use words which will describe your situation such as “must sell,” “motivated seller,” “cash offers only” and similar other phrases. In case of a seller who is in a hurry to sell his home for cash, this will be an effective step. You can also take the help of social media to place ads.


  • Local MLS- Get in touch with a real estate agent that has access to local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Such listing service in most areas categorize the recent sales into financed transactions or cash. An agent can access this information by digging it further and informing you as to whether the buyer bought other properties. A buyer that buys a couple of properties for cash can either be landlords and other investors who are attracted to your property. An experienced agent will communicate with these buyers that can prove helpful for wholesalers and homeowners alike. Know more at ASAP Cash Home Buyers.


  • Track Public Records- Last but not the least, track the public records especially in your municipality as this can offer a lot of information provided it is conducted correctly. A property sale is about public record be it at your tax accessor or the county clerk’s office. You can in most areas check if the sale was for cash or financed. Tracking public records is an excellent method for wholesalers planning to build a bond with different cash buyers yet a little for a seller that needs a prompt sale.

To have a home that one can call their own is everyone’s desire. There cannot be a better satisfaction than residing in your own home which means no answering or tackling the landlord, no rents and nothing of this. Yes, owning a home is a big thing but often people end up taking a hasty decision via going for a mortgage rather than paying it up front. Yet, for those who have saved enough cash and wished to buy the home with it they can enjoy plentiful rewards.

Along with being affordable, it will also at the same time save you against getting chained to the financial institutions such as the bank that too for a mortgage plan for a long time period leaving you with the decision of opting out prior to it being paid off.

To own a home outright indicates no need to worry regarding covering the mortgage. During any untoward situation or disaster like injury or loss of a job, having full ownership will cut away the peril to lose the home to foreclosure. Besides, when you purchase a home by paying cash, you will automatically possess good equity in the home. On account of any financial emergency, there will be the flexibility of you to draw on the same equity to avail quick cash. Moreover, cash purchases will save the home buyer the valuable time and prevent the need for searching an optimal lender and gathering elusive documents.