The Special Relationship: Presiding Over Customer Contact


If you were to answer truthfully the question, what is the most valuable relationship in business, what would you say? The employer to employee relationship? The workplace dynamics? Or would you say, the relationship between the business and the customer? My guess is, if you are providing a service, then the customer is the most important component. The customer has the power to decide the fate of your business, in no uncertain terms. The cliche about the customer always being right is a cliche for a very good reason. How can this special relationship be nurtured further?

Improve The Methods Of Communication

Increase the amount of ways in which a customer can approach a business with queries and grievances. As there are so many methods how people can contact businesses, if one is missing, you will be missing out on providing a totally respectable service to the customer. It’s like when you keep calling a business, and they don’t pick up, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world. If your website is down, inform your customers of this problem by sending an email. Keep it personal and friendly.

Make Sure That You Are Giving Your Customers Attention

The key to great customer service is impacting them on a much more personal level. They will remember how they felt above anything else. If they go into a store and don’t feel like they have been given attention, they won’t give you their custom again! You need to be attentive to your customers in every way, over the phone, in person, via carrier pigeon, it shows them that you care. There are many ways to fix this with staff, from sales enablement software to additional training. Sales is a game of transactions, keep the transaction between the business and the customer an honest and attentive one.

Be Rewarding Of The Customer’s Loyalty

It is a fact that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. You don’t just want to be taking their custom without a thank you. Rewarding is, first and foremost, a thank you to the customer, and secondly, it is a way to promote the business. Customers are keen to share experiences online or to other people. Positive experience = more exposure = better sales for your business!

Continue To Get Feedback From The Customer

It is so much easier for people to share their experiences now, regardless of whether it’s good, great or terrible. If they had bad customer service, you would be named and shamed via Twitter or Facebook. If you continue to get feedback from the customer, it will give you a chance to improve or tweak your services. Ask your customers what they liked or didn’t like, and this is a common approach for businesses. Customers think that a small survey doesn’t mean anything, so engaging with them personally on Twitter goes one step further. It will help your customer to vent their frustrations with the aim of getting a positive result, and you are engaging with them on a one to one level, very important in customer service!