The State of Real Estate: Syd Leibovitch


Kevin Price Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Syd Leibovitch, president and owner of Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Rodeo Realty, Inc. Leibovitch studied economics and banking in college and began selling real estate at the age of 23. He was a top selling Realtor in the Los Angeles area by the time he was 25 and opened Paramount Properties out of his garage in 1986. The firm was eventually re-named Rodeo Realty and is now a leading luxury residential real estate firm in California.

Tell me about your firm.

The residential real estate firm has more than 1000 licensed agents and brokers and 11 offices throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Affiliate companies include L.A. Mortgage, Encore Escrow and Progressive Title. Rodeo Realty agents represent California’s premier properties and provide full service representation of fine custom homes, architecturally unique properties, historical landmark properties, trophy estates and luxury hi-rises.

Tell us about city and what is going on in Real Estate there in general.

Los Angeles real estate is very hot right now. Prices have risen dramatically over the past six months while inventory remains low. As interest rates begin to rise we are seeing even more interest from buyers who want to lock in rates now before they go any higher.

What, specifically, is the situation with prestige properties in your region?

We are seeing very strong sales with prestige properties in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and other luxury communities. Our sales figures each month continue to rise. We had a very busy spring season at the top level and we predict that sales will be high throughout the summer.

How is this situation affecting your Real Estate practice and what are you doing to grow your firm?

Right now, growing our firm is all about attracting top agents to our organization. We are actively recruiting local agents who can deliver on providing top value service for their clients. This is one of the reasons we offer complete marketing services for our agents. They can easily market their properties through print, web, social media, public relations and more through our centralized service.

What type of tools do you bring to help you reach clients (content you have produced, special websites, etc.)?

We produce high-quality marketing brochures, post cards, property-specific websites, videos, photo galleries and more. We also have an extensive international marketing service so that high-end properties are promoted around the world. We are a Regent Brokerage with and are also members of Prestige MLS, and Caimeiju, a site dedicated to advertising and marketing luxury California real estate to Chinese investors.

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