The Superbook: Make Your Phone A Laptop!


Name and Official Title of CEO

Andrew Jiang- Co-founder and COO of Andromium

Tell Us About Your Business

Andromium Inc. is the company responsible for The Superbook.  Founded by Google and Y Combinator alumni, The Superbook is one of the first steps the small team (3 people, plus contractors) at Andromium is taking to a future where a smartphone is the only computer you’ll need!  The Superbook makes any Android smartphone device function like a familiar desktop and all you need to do is download the app and plug in the USB to get started! (No technical knowledge or custom firmware needed) Starting at $99 The Superbook come equipped with a full laptop experience.  This includes the laptop body, keyboard, track pad, and 8+ hours of battery life! (Also charges your phone while you use it)

What Makes Your Company Unique?

Andromium is the first to transform Android Smartphones into complete laptops.  Multi-windowed environment, taskbar, key board shortcuts, notification center, and everything else you expect from your work computer.  All this is available with The Superbook thanks to its unique software which allows your android device to run like a desktop OS just by downloading an app!

What Contributions Have You Made Towards the World?

“We believe that technology should be used to build a better future for everyone. Access to the right technological tools and education is critical, especially for our children.”

– Andromium

Andromium is partnered with the Nelson Mandela School Library Project in their #Freedom2learn campaign along side AG Mobile and Mediatek.  Together they are donating smartphones and Superbooks to developing African communities.

“Each Superbook will allow for the student to gain access to a computer world in the most rural of locations where often they is no running water and electricity is supplied via a battery or Solar power. Every time you donate a Superbook, you have just given the privilege of allowing 30 more children access to digital learning platforms we deliver for free into our Nelson Mandela School Library Project.

Thanks from all in Africa.”

– Robert Coutts, Nelson Mandela School Library Project

Who Has Influenced You?

Andrew credits Andy Rubin, the “Father” of android as one of his biggest influence as Rubin actually had a similar vision for android before he left Google.

What Key Qualities Do You Look For In Your Team?

The qualities of an entrepreneur is what the Andromium Team is looking for.  Specifically someone who is creative.  “We are working on something challenging that no one has done successfully before. We need team members who can think creatively and figure out new ways of approaching these problems.”

– Andrew Jiang

Words of Advice for Others Growing Their Business?                                                  

“Our last Kickstarter campaign, we failed. We did not do enough preparation, and we couldn’t meet our funding goal. This time we did a LOT of work before the campaign. There’s no substitute for hard work and preparation. It doesn’t ensure success, but not doing so will guarantee failure.

– Andrew Jiang


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Edited By: Dennis Guerrero, PR Agent