The Top Six Modern Shed Designs


When you want to build a shed on your property, you need to choose the design that you believe will work best in your situation. Sheds are quite helpful if you need extra storage, but you can also use these sheds as a concession stands at the ball field, as a mobile office for your building project, or the shed where employees walk in and out all day long. Continue reading to find the perfect Steeline shed design so that your home or office is easy to manage.


  1. Center Door Plus Cover


When you build a basic shed, it should have a center door that is easy to access and lock. The shed can have a slight extension on the roof that will give you cover from wind and rain as you enter or exit the shed. These designs are quite simple to use as offices, or you may use this as your workshop. If you want to add windows, you can do so at any time.


  1. The Office Window


You can get a shed with a door on one side and the sliding window on the other. You could have people come up to the shed looking for quick assistance, and you can slide the window open. The office door can be locked just like any other office, and you can easily exit the shed without accessing the window.


  1. The Side Door


When you build a shed, you may not want a door on the front that is easy to access and open. If you do not want the shed to be too inviting, you can put a door on the side of the shed. The door is obscured because it is not the most prominent part of the shed, and you can lock the door as normal. This is the perfect setup for a storage shed where you are afraid of blocking large French doors on the front.


If you are using the shed as a workflow space, you can put a door on both sides. People who enter the shed will complete a task and exit on the other side. This is also helpful if you want a private entrance for yourself while your staff must enter the shed on the other side.


  1. High Windows


You can put the door anywhere you want on the shed, but you can raise the windows to the top of the shed for a nice infusion of natural light. These windows are helpful if you want to open them for air circulation, and you do not need to use the light all that often if you enter the shed looking for something specific. High windows pair with any of the designs above, but they work best with a storage-only shed.


  1. French Doors


If you want a shed with French doors, you can open up the shed for storage with ease. These sheds are often considered beauty pieces on the property, and you can paint the doors in the same style that you would paint your front door. French doors add a bit of sophistication to your shed, and you will find that it is easy to get large items in and out of the shed when you have French doors.


  1. Raised Steps


You can get a shed with raised steps that lead to the front door. If you want to get the shed off the ground to avoid flooding, you can use steps to get inside. If you are using the shed as an office, you can hear anyone who comes to the door. You can put the steps on the front or side of the building, and you can add steps in more than one location if you have more than one door.




The shed design that you choose should make your shed look amazing, help you use the shed efficiently, and provide you with a beautiful look. When you add these seeds to your lawn, they can become a part of the overall design of the house. If you are using these sheds as offices, you can have them set up to be as efficient as possible. Pick the modern shed design that works for your home or business.