The Truth About Neil Patel’s Marketing Agency – A Full Review


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You’ve probably heard of Neil Patel. But have you heard of Neil Patel Digital? In this Neil Patel Digital review, we drill down into the truth of the marketing guru’s marketing agency.

If you’ve done any kind of research on digital marketing and SEO for your business, chances are you’ve encountered some advice delivered by Neil Patel, either via his personal website’s blog or through one of the other properties he owns, such the Marketing School podcast.

What you may not realize, though, is that Patel’s agency, Neil Patel Digital, hit the scene in 2017. Though his agency has only been around a couple of years, Neil himself has been actively involved with content marketing, SEO and PPC since 2001, when he was just 16 years old – and his experience shows. His websites reach millions of people each month, and he founded his company to help others achieve those kinds of results.

Take a look below to gain in-depth information on Neil Patel’s marketing agency and what you can expect from working with him.

What Kind of Clients Does Neil Patel Digital Work With?

Neil Patel is known for working with large companies – those that make more than $100 million a year and who are in review for the Fortune 1000 are his typical clientele.

If you’re at a smaller company, though, it’s possible to receive a referral from Patel to work with other digital marketers that are better suited to meet your company’s needs. In addition, if you’re not able to commit to the required year-long contract with Neil Patel Digital, they’re happy to refer you to someone else.

Some big-name companies are Neil’s clients. He’s consulted for eBay, Facebook, and Google. NBC, Intuit, and Reuters are also on Patel’s roster of clients. This should give you some security in knowing you’re hiring an expert. These industry giants can afford to hire only the very best.

What Kind of Services Does NPDigital Provide?

Like any true professional, Neil plays to his strengths. You’ll discover he provides services that are in his wheelhouse and that cater to his skillset.

SEO and PPC advertising are his specialty areas. After all, Patel’s own marketing beginnings were focused on SEO. All the way back in 2001, at the age of 16, Patel began studying the ins and outs of this arena. He’s come a long way since then and has gone above and beyond to demonstrate his expertise.

PPC is a service that is in high demand. Having someone to help with the ins and outs of navigating this process can take you far in your online advertising endeavors.

As noted in other reviews of Neil Patel Digital, the agency is also positioned to assist with your social media and content marketing. You can hire the agency to provide consulting if you’d prefer to take a more hands-on approach of your own. They can provide you with a strategy to help you manage your own profiles and online properties. In addition, Patel is also well-versed in email marketing.

Is Neil Behind the Work?

You might expect that such a big-name marketer wouldn’t be personally involved in client work. Well, you’d be mistaken. Neil may not be able to interact with all of his clients personally, but he does have input on every client’s case.

One of the reasons his agency is so successful is that Neil places each client’s needs at the forefront. There’s no boilerplate template. He will consider each company’s goals, direction, and budget in order to craft a plan that produces the results they seek.

He’s in tune with his employees and insists upon being hands-on in his business.

Do They Use a Cookie Cutter Approach?

Neil Patel never uses a cookie cutter approach. He and his team don’t use a template for their client proposals. He and his marketers take the time to learn about each client’s needs, then they approach the work of crafting a dedicated and unique plan to meet those needs.

The goal is to provide results so clients return for future services. Word of mouth is important to Neil Patel Digital. The team strives to satisfy each and every customer. The proof of that is in their testimonials, along with their impressive client roster.

But Neil doesn’t just serve the biggest names. He and his staff will work just as hard for each and every client. They make sure they understand the unique position of individual businesses in order to craft the most appropriate and strategic plan possible.

Neil Patel Digital Locations

Anyone wishing to work with Neil Patel’s agency will be glad to find they have multiple worldwide locations for client convenience. Patel began his company in San Diego, where the current headquarters remains. There are also offices in Utah and Chicago.

Their international offices serve clientele abroad. The needs of international clients differ from those of American businesses. Therefore, Neil set up offices to serve those customers.

This is just another example of how Neil Patel is constantly thinking of how to help his clients in the best and most appropriate ways.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is clear. Neil Patel Digital stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to personalized marketing and promotion that gets results. They’ve proven their worth through the success of past clients who return again and again. Patel built his agency in a short time and continues to deliver stellar results to his customers. He’s personally involved in the oversight of his team.

You can depend on receiving only the services that fit your company’s needs. They won’t nickel and dime you. You only pay for the services you negotiate.

Neil Patel will take the time to get to know each business he and his team serve. This ensures you get personalized and efficient results. Some smaller businesses will be referred out to other agencies, but don’t let that deter you. Every referral is sent to an agency approved by Neil. You can always count on professionalism and quality with Neil Patel Digital.