The Truth about REALTOR® Services with JoAnne Stiles


REALTORS ® are licensed real estate agents or representatives who belong to an exclusive association called the National Association of REALTORS®. Every REALTOR® is a qualified agent to help you buy or sell your house. However, not all agents or salespeople are REALTORs®.

If you want to sell houses in the fastest time possible and pocket a profit, you will have better deals when you find REALTORS®. You can coordinate with excellent negotiators such as JoAnne Stiles if you want to see better prospective sellers or buyers. You can do tours and get access to exclusive deals in the market if you are dealing with a qualified real estate agent.

Brokers vs. Agents

There are REALTORS® that are mortgage owners, and there are ones that work as sales representatives. Most people use the two terms interchangeably, but some differences are worth noting.

For one, brokers manage and coordinate with their representatives. They have agencies that consist of an extensive network of clients and negotiators working for them. They might be operating a franchise or build their companies from scratch. They need to complete additional courses and pay fees to maintain their license.

Most representatives do the transactions and sales on behalf of the brokers. They also need to get a license and pass written tests before becoming an official real estate agent. Some states, such as Oklahoma, have their laws and standards for a representative to get a license.

What is a Typical REALTOR®?

Some people think REALTORS® makes millions of dollars a year in just a few hour’s work. This myth should be dispelled, and TV shows should stop in perpetuating this perception.

One client may see that on TV, the buyers find the perfect property after just doing two visits. They write the offer, it’s accepted, and they move in into the house in just a week. The next thing you see is that the family is already doing barbecue grills at their new backyard.

But this is too far from reality.

A typical client may need about 12 weeks of looking at listings and visiting properties. They need to make time to check about ten new houses before they like a home that suits their budget. When they want the property, they need to wait for at least a month before they can close the deal. The representatives are only paid when the deal goes through.

The truth is that when buyers change their minds and sign another lease, the agents don’t get anything at all. This is the same truth found in listings. If a listing does not sell, then there’s no payment for the agent.

Another thing to consider is that selling real estate is a commission-only job. For the typical agent, they work for months, and everything falls apart when the buyer or the seller does not push through with a deal. This is a kind of business where the people working in the industry should have a lot of faith and trust.

The Reality of Representative’s Paychecks

Many people may see a salesperson receiving their paycheck on the table when the deal finally closes up. Most clients don’t think that the money is split in half, and they are at the losing end of the deal. However, there is no truth to this. You can read more myths when you click here:

A client should consider that their salesperson also works under a brokerage firm. This means that when the deal is done, the commission goes straight to the brokerage, and it cuts another fee for the listing salesperson and the selling representative. The firm should also get another percentage from the selling agent.

Another thing to consider is that the real estate representatives file and pay their own taxes to the IRS. They also need to cover their personal medical insurance, social security tax, and other contributions to the governments.

Why You Should Get Your Dream Home with an Agent

Knowing the benefits and the knowledge that you are helping another person to earn an income, considering the help of realtors® should be on your list. Getting your dream home is easy when you are presented with lots of choices and price ranges.

Cutting costs can harm you in the future, especially if you are looking for a home for the first time. First of all, you need to know the paperwork when you are trying to own a property. If you get scammed in the process, the payment that you made will be lost in thin air.

Getting a REALTOR® will benefit you immensely since your hard-earned money will result in a property that you will perpetually own. Your salesperson will be the one shopping for you. They make sure that you are presented with a villa or an apartment that matches your needs and your budget. Whenever something new comes out, they can give you a call immediately. You can focus on your job instead of browsing public listings that will not make excellent deals in the long run.

Say you need to have a swimming pool so your kids can be cool in summer. Or you might want a specific property with basements and fenced-in yards. These particular features are something that your agent will make sure that you get. They know how to fit the properties to the people who need them. They will guide you and make sure that you get the best deals out there. Don’t think about the costs. Just imagine lots of excellent benefits that you can get after the transaction.