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Nanotechnology is becoming increasingly popular among many different industries, from textiles to construction, and now the pool construction industry where it is utilized as a fantastic pool finish. In fact, fiberglass swimming pools which have been finished using nanotechnology tend to require less frequent cleaning, and you don’t have to apply as much elbow grease when you do clean them simply because dirt doesn’t stick to them! Read on to find out more about how nano-technology has changed the game when it comes to pool construction.


What is Nanotechnology?

The word “nano” is a scientific term that means one billionth, and it is where you get terms like nanometer, which refers to one-billionth of a meter. Nano objects are so tiny that one strand of human hair can consist of thousands of nanoparticles, and this is essentially what is utilized for fiberglass pool finishing.

Applying these small microscopic particles on the pool lining makes it possible for the pool to clean itself, as dirt and algae no longer adhere to the surface. These particles not only repel dirt and algae, but they also intermingle with the water to keep the pool surface clean at all time.


How They Work

The types of nano-materials that are used to coat swimming pools are based on the lotus leaf principle which enables them to imitate nature in the way they interact with the pool water. Why the lotus leaf? Well, the lotus leaf principles is inspired by the natural self-cleaning mechanism employed by the lotus flower, which is able to always keep itself clean despite being steeped in a muddy environment.

This is all thanks to the water repelling lotus leaves whose hydrophobic surface works similarly to nano-particles in that they precipitate so that the dirt just falls off instead of sticking onto the surface.


How is it applied?

A thin layer of nano-ceramic coating is applied to the pool’s surface to help prevent the buildup of dirt, grime and algae on the pool, thus reducing the need for constant cleaning and maintenance.


About Fiberglass Pools

As the word implies, fiberglass pools are made from sturdy and flexible fiberglass materials. In order to create a fiberglass pool, a manufacturer needs to have a mold or various molds so as to cater to different consumer needs.

To make sure that the fiberglass does not wobble about after installation, a special polyester or vinyl ester resin is applied to coat the surface of the pool, and this helps to keep it in the same shape and position at all times. After installation, the fiberglass pool will go through a vigorous quality check to make sure that it’s nice and level, and that there are no cracks that might cause problems for the owner down the line.



The following are just a few of the benefits that homeowners with fiberglass pools get to enjoy:

  • They’re inexpensive to build and maintain. Thanks to the shell’s algae resistant properties you’ll never have to resurface your pool or replace the liner.
  • They have a surface that is soft and very pleasant to swim in unlike the often coarse surface of a concrete or gunite pool.
  • You can customize them to your heart’s content! Although fiberglass pools are prefabricated by definition, there are various additions that you can make to get a more bespoke design, from incorporating coves and benches to molded steps and sun deck shapes.
  • The floor and steps of a fiberglass pool are non-slip, which means they’re very safe and suitable for the whole family to use.
  • Fiberglass pools are also incredibly easy to repair. While there is very little chance that you’ll need to, it’s still comforting to know that you won’t have to move your fiberglass pool when it’s time to repair it.
  • The construction and installation of fiberglass pools is much kinder to the earth that the manufacture and installation of other types of pools, which is what has earned them the nickname of being “green swimming pools”.
  • You won’t have to wait long for your pool to get ready, as fiberglass pool construction is quick, simple and easy. Plus, it can be done no matter what the weather conditions are like.
  • Fiberglass pools come with a Lifetime Warranty.