The Ultimate Gift for Your Graduate — to Be Celebrated in the News


An awesome opportunity to celebrate the milestone of a student’s graduation — an article about their achievement in national news sites.

The graduates in your life should be celebrated in national news sites that include EXCLUSIVES with:

Flowers, pens, and other trinkets are nice, but have little to no lasting value. In no time those things are thrown away or end up in storage. The graduate wonders, who gave them such. This important gift of national media attention will last long after the event and the student will never forget the person that provided it. Surprisingly, the price for such a memorable gift is typically no more than a small bouquet of flowers.


Furthermore, these gifts have a much higher and longer lasting value. Such a gift shows the student’s plans, shows how much they are supported by others, and even provides a great place to help bolster them for future academic pursuits or career. 

When you think of the gifts the student will receive, which will be the most remembered?  Which will be the most talked about?  Nothing will carry on like national media exposure.

Great for high school, college, graduate school, and more. 

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