The Ultimate Sales Question Your Business Must Have a Great Answer For


Sometimes I ask my management audiences, “If you were selling twice as much as you are today, could you fulfill all the orders?” In most cases, the business leaders will all agree that they could quite comfortably deliver twice as much of their products or services with their current resources than they are currently selling. 0 0 1 251 1432 A.G. Edwards 11 3 1680 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE
I then ask them, “Well then, why aren’t you selling twice as much? What is holding you back?” They often just look at me blankly, as if that were something that had never occurred to them.

Your Untapped Market Potential

The fact is that probably 80% of your potential customers have not yet been approached by your sales or promotional efforts. Most of them don’t know about you and about how much better off they could be with your product or service. No one has told them.

You could probably be selling twice as much as you are today, if you could just figure out how to do it. This is your main job.

The Great Sales Question

When I conduct marketing strategy with my clients, I give them this key sales question to answer. It has taken me 25 years of study and experience to devise this question, and it deals with every part of the sales and marketing process, like a formula or recipe. By answering this question, you can conduct a quick analysis of your sales situation – past, present and future. Here is the question: “What is to be sold to whom and by whom, and how, and at what price and how it is going to be paid for and delivered satisfactorily?”

The failure to accurately answer any one of these questions can lead to a complete failure of the sales effort. Unfortunately, most companies cannot correctly answer one or more of these questions.

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