Thin-Thinking: Streamlining Your Business


Creating a thoroughly efficient working operation requires so many of its component parts working together effectively. The customer service has to work alongside the email marketing and the back office approaches, and the IT security has to work overtime to ensure the business retains comprehensive security. When your business is working extremely well, but you’re not making significant profits, the act of streamlining comes into play. But in doing this, you are trying to find the best way to keep your business as productive, but without it tarnishing the business. So how can you streamline the business properly without it having a devastating impact?

Checking The Data

It can be very easy to overlook. We place a lot of reliance on our tech to do numerous business functions, that we can’t possibly find faults in our system, right? Well one of the ways in which your business can be slowed down is the duplication of data. You can find more information about this on but, in essence, having duplicate information highlights a fundamental flaw, not to mention an excess of business spending.

Evaluating The Processes

Streamlining the processes has to be undertaken in order to ensure that you are getting enough bang for your buck. Business processes in all of their forms, from marketing, to the internal processes, are things that highlight how efficient your business is working. You can look on to get more information on this, but to evaluate each business process, you can very easily find gaping holes or flaws in the logic that can be either patched up, or simplified. Simplification is the key, and if every process is over complicated, this inevitably causes issues in terms of comprehension. It’s far better for your staff, and your systems, to implement processes as simply as possible, so everyone can understand what they are doing and how they should do it.

Getting The Opinion On The Ground Floor

If any member of staff has a gripe with the business, or they feel they are doing too much for their role, this feeling of unease can ferment into full on resentment. When streamlining business processes, it’s essential that you get the opinions of the people who are doing the jobs. You may find that some people are doing too much, whereas others are doing too little. It’s about finding that balance to make everyone happy. A workplace culture that is efficient, productive, but also optimistic, translates into a far better business. It’s not too difficult, by getting some honest and constructive feedback on the jobs every member of staff are doing, you can get a true opinion of what can be done to make life easier for your workers, and at the same time, making the company more cost effective.

Streamlining is an essential process from time to time, not just to reduce overheads, but to renew your business from the inside out. Wasting money in any small capacity is not acceptable, which is why you need to have an eye on streamlining the business, but also, making it a regular part of undertaking a business evaluation. Think thin!