Things to do while in Quarantine


With the rise of Covid-19, many people are finding themselves with a lot more time than they usually have. Making things to do a lot harder to find.

But here are some ways that you can pass the time while in the long quarantine:

Do home exercises 

With all that time why not get some extra physical exercise to accompany you throughout your many days inside. Stretches, pushups and more will always benefit you in the long run, and why wait? With Corona here you can improve your physical health by exercising, thus limiting the damage that the virus can do to you.

Learn Online

With all that free time you have. Why not start some online college classes. With all your time, and with a small amount of money, you can get the knowledge you need while the Coronavirus is outside your door. Why wait for colleges to reopen when you can start now?

Learn to cook

Yes, now you have the time to finally try that recipe that you’ve always wanted to try, but not have enough time to prepare it? Well now is the time, you can look through the cook books and find dishes that you and your family have always wanted to try. Why not some Pad Thai, some Asian Stir Fry or some Southern Clam Chowder?

Clean the House

Yes, I know. The dread of going through the bedroom and cleaning the kitchen. But with all the time that you are going to spend in the house, why not be happier with a clean one? More people are happier with a clean house! Time to get out the cleaning supplies and attack the parts of the house that have gained the dust!

Video Games

Video games, ah how video games have always been targeted for being a time waster. Well guess what? All of a sudden you have more time to kill! Jump into an online or offline video game and get lost in the many worlds of games. Embrace the fun with your friends or make new ones. With all the time alone, online games can help you socialize with others while being safe from the virus.

With all the time people now have. Today is the day to try something new. Go and explore ( safely ) and not get behind in anything.

Be safe and enjoy the additional time that you now have!