Things You Need to About Freight Forwarding Companies



For shipping goods across borders, freight forwarding is the most used method. These companies coordinate the transport of goods from one place to the other by using carriers like rail freight, road freight, ocean freight, and air freight. The whole process may seem complicated to you, but once you get to know these facts, you will get a clear idea about it. 

Who is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that acts as a mediator between the shipper and the transportation services. They are specialized in dealing with the whole process. A freight forwarding company ensures that the goods of the shipper are transported safely to their final destination. They negotiate with the various carriers to get the best bargain (deciding factors for the deal are cost, reliability, and the fastest route) for the shipment of the merchandise. 

A hassle-free way to transport goods

If you are thinking of exporting or importing goods, then take the help of a freight forwarder. It’s a hassle-free way to transport goods. You can sit back and relax while things are taken care of by a freight forwarder. 

Other related services 

Freight forwarders look into the other factors involved with the process that includes – 

  • Custom clearance
  • Insurance of goods
  • Warehouse storage
  • Documentation 
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Inventory management

Can prove beneficial to your business

Rather than undertaking the task of shipping the purchased goods to the customer all by yourself, if you take the assistance of a freight forwarder, your work will be done with ease. They have the expertise to perform the job. Take the help of a company that is attached with a reputed freight forwarder association. Doing so will keep you assured that the transported goods will surely reach your customer safely and on time. 

Check whether all the documents are up to date

You have to be extra cautious while documenting the consignment. Make sure to check whether the paperwork that you are having is complete and up to date. If any issue arises during the shipment process, you can take necessary action with the aid of the documents. 

Restrictions on certain objects

The freight forwarding firms adhere to strict regulations regarding the substances to be shipped. Though the norms differ from country to country, some objects are prohibited by freight forwarders everywhere, like – drugs, alcohol, flammable objects, toxic goods, perishable items, batteries, and sharp objects. 

Documents you are likely to receive from your forwarder

You need to do a lot of paperwork. Before handing over the goods to the forwarding company, make sure you have – 

  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin statement
  • Bill of lading contract
  • Inspection certificate
  • Export packing list
  • Export license
  • Declaration document of the shipper

Networks are vital

A freight forwarding company has a strong network of contacts that will help you to get the best price for your deal. You can rely on their experience wholly. 


Look for the right company to ship your things. Some organizations deal with a specific type of cargo, whereas others accept all kinds of goods. Do a thorough study before choosing the logistic company that will serve you the best.