Time To Work Smart, Not Hard! Streamlining Methods To Implement


We are forever being told about the value of working hard. But there is a time when we have to make sure that our business works smart. As a moral practice, working hard can have its benefits, but after a while, if we continue to apply the pressure we may end up with negative results. From a process perspective, we’ve got to figure out ways to streamline our business. But what are the best methods to streamline any brand new business or company that’s been operating for some time?


Implement Automation

Whether it’s transaction automation for the benefit of payroll or your email marketing, automation is one of those lifesaving components. When we start to focus on streamlining the back-office functions as well as the simpler marketing tactics, it doesn’t just allow our employees to focus on other parts of the business, it means that a lot of the pressure is off you. When things start to become self-sufficient only then are we working towards a 24/7 mindset. Streamlining in the right way means increasing productivity which means that you can have greater business coverage.


Digitizing Processes

A modern business needs to find ways to put everything online. While the vast majority of companies are now operating exclusively through components like cloud computing there are other ways to implement digitized processes to help other aspects of the company. For example, reducing your paper usage can have a benefit on the perspective of your business ethos. When we start to digitize processes we can benefit the planet, but also make sure our business has everything to hand on a laptop or tablet. When you think about it in a physical sense, going to a printer or sending something through the post can take some time. By reducing paper you are, in effect, reducing downtime.


Encourage Autonomy

This might sound like a contradiction in terms because encouraging autonomy with certain employees could result in elongated processes. But employees on the front line know their jobs better than you do. Those that have been with the company for a long time understand the processes and the best way to get from A to B. Look at specific areas where managers are involved in everyday operations and start to delegate more important practices. Autonomy also results in improved morale. Showing employees you have trust in their abilities means that they will work harder to deliver the goods.



One of the most popular methods of streamlining is to outsource. It has so many positives, not just in terms of cost, but it can help you to see processes from another perspective. Outsourcing is such a crucial aspect of doing business regardless of the size of the company that it results in a boost for the corporation. When you struggle to improve a process on-site, having outsourced clients work on it for you can help to bolster the business but also get hired help when you need it.


Streamlining is one of those areas that we’ve all got to tackle and it can be hard to dip your toe into this world. But addressing those processes and working smart, rather than working hard, is the way forward.


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