Tips and Advice for Improving Staff Morale


It doesn’t take a degree in Business Management to know that a happy team of staff is a far more productive one. If your staff morale levels are low, you are likely to see a lower amount of effort, a lack of engagement and most significantly for you, drops in productivity. If you are concerned that this may be the case for your business, then there are some ways and means to help boost them up.

Simply follow these helpful tips to ensure your staff are turning up bright and eager rather than down and despondent:

Make the Most of their Achievements

A great way to make employees feel valued is to show you appreciate what they are doing for your company. If someone does something particularly well or successfully, the simple touch of sending them a personal email offering your appreciation can go a long way. Equally, if staff members have made a big difference to your business, rewarding them with gifts and vouchers at mock award ceremonies shows you care.

Offering them a Chance to Speak

One cause of low morale can stem from staff feeling that they lack a voice to put forward concerns. There are ways you can give them a chance to talk such as: having team meetings in a morning, offering personalised appointments (time permitting), or having a full staff briefing each week. This can make your staff feel like their opinions matter.

Having a Comfortable Workplace

A workplace is essentially a home-from-home for most of your staff so it really needs to be somewhere they feel comfortable. This can be little things like investing in more comfortable chairs or ensuring that their computers are in full working order. There are also companies like Pure AirConditioning which can ensure your Air-con units are fully serviced and working efficiently, which you staff will more than appreciate in the hot summer months.

Themed Days

Break the typical weekly cycle by having ‘themed’ days every so often, as this can be a good way to improve morale. Fancy-dress days are quite a popular choice, but it could be something like a bake sale or a ‘bring your pet to work day’. These relatively small gestures are simple to organise and allow your staff to bond and enjoy themselves with a fun activity at work.

So if you think your staff could do with a bit of a lift, be sure to take on board some of these points and you could soon begin to see a much happier and hardworking team.