Tips For Mailing Your Things Safely


Every day millions of people mail items all over the world. However, if you are going to mail important items, you should make sure that it is as safe as possible. There are many cases where mailed items are damaged or opened, and if you don’t want to be part of that unlucky group, you should have a set plan. Here are some tips for mailing your things as safely as possible.

  1. Invest In Quality Boxes

When it comes to mailing your items, it is very important that you invest in top quality boxes. Remember that you will use boxes as the main covering for your things. However, there are good quality boxes, and there are some that just disintegrate at the slightest touch.  


When you choose your boxes, they must be as water resistant as possible. If possible, you should choose boxes that have a mix of plastic and paper components. The paper parts  will make the boxes more flexible, while the plastic parts will make it more impervious to water damage. 

  1. Utilize Bubble Wraps

Yet another way you could make your items safe, is through the use of bubble wraps. These types of wraps have plastic bubbles that will cushion your items. They are extremely effective, and are particularly important for items that could be easily shattered such as vases, tea cups and fragile items. 


When you wrap your items with bubble wrap, it is important that you completely envelope them with the wrap. Any area that is not covered by the wrap, will be quite open to damage. 

  1. Wrap Your Items In Plastic

Aside from using bubble wraps, it is also a good idea to wrap your items in plastic. When you wrap your items in plastic, it will ensure that they keep their shape. It will also make them less susceptible to dust or any other type of grime.


It is also a good idea to use hand sanitizers before you start packing your items. This will ensure that your items are as clean as possible. This precaution is especially important during these times, wherein the world is going through a pandemic.


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  1. Use Styrofoam Pillows

Mailed items often get tossed and turned, and if your items are fragile, there might be a chance that your mailed items get damaged beyond repair. Why not try out styrofoam pillows for your items? 


These materials are made up of styrofoam, and predominantly look like little pellets. Their main function is to provide a soft area wherein the item could be placed. If you are going to use styrofoam pillows, you should make sure that you fill up the boxes. This will ensure that your products are suspended and shielded by the styrofoam pellets.

  1. Invest In Quality Security Tapes

If you are going to send something particularly valuable such as Jewelry or Luxury foods, it is important that you use quality security tapes to seal up your box or package. By utilizing security tapes, you will be able to ensure that your items are safe from tampering. 


While you should trust in the post office to get your item to its destination, there might be instances that are out of their control. An untrustworthy employee might be working at the post office, and  he or she started opening the packages that looked most valuable. 


If your packaging is not well secured, it would be easy to just cut open the packaging and get the valuables inside. By using security tapes, you could ensure that all your items are safe from tampering. 


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  1. Position Your Items Efficiently

Aside from using packaging materials, it is important that you position your items as efficiently as possible. Remember that materials are not the only factor if you want to keep your mailed items safe.  It is also how you place them in the box 


This is especially important if you are transporting home decoration items that are made up of fragile items such as glass or other fragile materials. 

  1. Label It As Fragile

It is very important that you label your items as fragile.Even if your items are not that fragile, it would be best that you label them as such. 


By labeling your items as fragile, you are warning the postmen that your items will easily shatter. It is a good idea to tape up the box with security tape, and label it with a pentel pen or you could also buy labels with the words pasted fragile on them.


  1. Write Your Full Address 

If you want your item to get to its destination on time, it is important that you sign your full address on your box. 


Leave none of your addresses out of the label. While most post services are efficient, there is still a chance that they make mistakes and your items get mailed to the wrong address. 


To lessen any chances of these mistakes happening,you should also make sure that you write the address as clearly as possible. 


If you are going to mail your products, it is important that you keep items  as safe as possible. With these tips, you’ll be able to make your items as tamper proof as possible.