Tips to Design and Implement Custom Car Stickers for Your Brand Promo


Your car’s surface is a great advertising space that comes for free and can take your message to places. By simply printing a custom sticker and putting it on your bumper or the window of your vehicle, one can effectively spread the word about your business brand. Besides this, car stickers are also affordable now as it is so easy to print and can serve as a great marketing tool on your moving vehicle. With many people spending so much of their time on the road, it may be impossible not to notice a variety of stickers on your car. Here are some experts’ tips if you are planning to design an eye-catching custom sticker for your business.

Use eye-pleasing colours

While designing car bumper stickers, it is crucial to choose the colour wisely. Ideally, it may be an excellent treatment to have at least two to three colours on your sticker design. Always remember that your goal is to promote your brand products or services by increasing visibility. By keeping this in mind, try to draw the viewer’s attention with bright colours in light of the base colour of your vehicle. You may opt for a dark colour text and light background, which is an unfailing combination. Make the design that is consistent with your brand and logo colours.

Put a catchy slogan

If your business has a slogan or unique design elements, they can be printed as your car stickers. It will be helpful to kick off your marketing campaigns this way. If you do not have a slogan, do not worry. Consider making one on your own or get some creative help from your circle. While making a slogan for your brand, ensure that it represents the brand values and can easily influence the viewers. Keep it short and as simple as possible, and include the unique selling points of your offering.

Make humour work

You can use a customized funny quote or jokes as your slogan. These can quickly grab attention. You may try to use your sense of humour or seek professional help to make a humorous slogan. Positive emotions or funny slogans will give out critical influence in building a harmonious relationship with potential customers. But always be careful while choosing clever words or graphics as there may be some images or wordings proving out to be offensive to some.

Use graphics effectively but sparingly

While you are trying to use graphics in creating sticker designs, one should always be careful not to overdo it. You may use the graphics so that the rest of the stickers may remain visually clean and easily readable. Do not try to put too many photos or packed text as it may confuse the viewers. Simple graphics and wordings which are digestible at a glance are ideal to use as car stickers.

Make high-resolution designs

If you want to share a bold statement, then you may print a large sticker. In large-format stickers, always ensure that images are 300 pixels or more in size to provide the best quality prints. Also, make sure that the sticker makers use high-quality printing materials to produce your car stickers. Avoid any pixelated stickers. Just reformat your design to high resolution.

There are plenty of providers out there who can offer you high-quality sticker printing services. In terms of custom designing your stickers, one needs to put in your creativity and brand specifications wisely to get the best impact.