Tips & Tools To Support Your Marketing Strategy


Marketing is always going to be one of the most important aspects of running your business. You might have the best service or product in the world, but if enough people aren’t visiting your website, or your store, all that potential is squandered. Now is as good a time as any to supercharge your marketing efforts! With these tips and tools you’ll be well on your way.


Marketing Tips


  1. Revise your strategy constantly


You might have a marketing strategy that works, but that doesn’t mean that you should become complanent. There’s always the opportunity to learn more, improve, make changes and gain useful feedback. Analyse your data consistently and use it to make constant improvements to both your branding and your marketing. In a marketplace with ample competition it’s vital to stay one step ahead.


2 . Focus on the aesthetics


When it comes to generating a hype about your company, it’s all about the aesthetics. A website that’s visually boring and badly laid out will scare away your potential leads! Work with a talented web designer to perfect the look, style and UX of your site. The only way that you can sufficiently market your brand is if your website looks the part. The same can be said of your brand graphics and your logo.


If you have a brick and mortar business think about the appearance of your store (or building). Think about how you can design your building to engage customers. Does your store front look a bit old and tired? If so this just won’t do, a business that looks neglected gives off completely the wrong impression. Get yourself some gemini sign letters, paint everything fresh, invest in reflecting the professionality of your business, using aesthetics.


  1. Embrace technology


Embracing technology as part of your marketing strategy will keep your business current and original. When your competitors are using all the latest tactics you won’t want to get left behind. Whether it’s incorporating virtual reality into your campaigns or creating an app for extra services, take advantage of what new tech has to offer. The more that you embrace tech the easier it is to future proof your business.


Marketing Tools


1 . Upfluence


The use of ad-blocking technology tells us that consumers are tired of being bombarded with brand ads, so how can you advertise your company online? Influencer marketing is the answer. According to the Digital Marketing Institute ‘49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations.’ To design the ideal influencer marketing campaign Upfluence is an amazing software option. The app was created for content management and influencer searches. Using Upfluence, your business can search across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. With this software you can search by location, number of followers, industry or key words. Upfluence vets it’s members based on both identity and engagement so you can be sure that this is a top-quality database.


  1. Brand24


People love talking about brands on socials, whether it’s a scathing criticism or a glowing review! To improve your online presence and capture data; you’ll want a tool to access all this social chat. Brand24 is a nifty social media listening platform, to help businesses find out what the masses are saying about their industry, products and company. The app can monitor comments live, allowing you to offer a fast and appropriate response. Remember, both positive and negative comments require a response, bad reviews can spread about fast. It’s great for your online presence if you are seen to be engaging (professionally) with negative comments. Brand24 supports tracking across most social sites from Instagram to Twitter. Using the software, you’ll get built-in analytics to access useful insights about your data.


  1. Salesforce CRM


CRM software lets businesses track customer interactions and information in one place. With CRM you can stay organized, enhance your customer relationships and gain more leads. The software includes features such as lead management, analytics and marketing automation. Salesforce can help your business to boost productivity levels and save time. It’s easy to access the data you need from any device. Whether it’s working on logging calls, accounts or expenses. Other features of Salesforce CRM include visual workflow, opportunity management, sales forecasting and file syncing.


Don’t forget to keep on collecting customer feedback, to inform your future marketing strategies. Consumers will have plenty of useful opinions on your products and services which you can utilize to make improvements. To collect fast and efficient data try using an NPS survey. (These use just one simple question to get all the data that you need)!