Toll-Free Numbers: The Contact Center Solution in Managing Real Estate Business



If your company grows, and you have determined that your current phone number would not make it anymore as a contact point. Perhaps you are always using a landline, and clients are upset that they have to pay the bill for the customer support calls they make to you or maybe sick of taking company calls on your private phone.



The decision for a separate business phone line is a great idea. When it comes to evaluating and setting up your options, you should think about a toll-free number. If you do not know that immediately, maybe you have not known them as 1-800 numbers.


Business companies have been evolving to adapt, for example, the real estate sector still surfs on top of the waves, regardless of the season, period, or changing market trends. After all, shelter is a fundamental human necessity, and in this age, the search for a comfortable living area is continuous.


The real estate industry is completely customer-service-centered, so it is a given that companies stay in contact with their buyers at all times. This means that this kind of business needs to ensure a profitable and healthy relationship with clients while maintaining a professional reputation. At all times, toll-free numbers keep consumers linked to your business. Effectively, these numbers consist of unique area codes accompanied by a distinctive digit series. This increases the recall value and the organization remains rooted in the heads of callers.


What is a Toll-Free Phone Number?


The toll-free numbers are basically numbers that do not charge the person for the call. This call can be nationwide contact or long distance but there is no rate calculated when calling. This is widely used in customer service centers or complaint lines.


What are Toll-Free Calls?


Three-digit prefixes make up Toll-free codes. Several different toll-free codes are available, such as 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.


Use a free green number 0800 or a blue number 0850. With free numbers, you can call for free or with very low rates, which gives it a significant competitive advantage. With a blue number, the price of the call is divided for both you and the caller and the rate is reduced, the customers can call you at cheaper deals.


Business Benefit for Having a Toll Free Phone Number in Your Real Estate Business



  1. More Professional

A toll-free number makes your organization look more competent and developed. National access also ensures that you will be able to expand your network and use call forwarding to guide incoming calls to whatever line suits you from various areas within or outside the country.



2.  Increases Lead Generation

In a real estate setting when buying a property, buyers and investors are often looking for a trustworthy and client-oriented broker. If you have a set toll-free number this makes your business win more potential customers.



3.  Supports Brand Building

You can pick a number with a toll-free phone number that is easy for customers to remember. To further improve their brand, including 1-800-BEAUTY or 1-888-LAND, many companies prefer vanity numbers that include the company name or catchy phrases.



4. Improves Customer Satisfaction

We understand this as an example: A customer wants to inquire about a specific property. If they get in touch with you and their request is not immediately resolved by the most suitable agent, they will remain unsatisfied. If you can easily achieve a positive customer experience, it will reflect a positive business image. Customers and agents can enjoy the ultimate benefits of CRM integration with this toll-free number.



5. Can Be Used Internationally

Prospective buyers may want to own a globe-scattered house. It is also mandatory that a public company be available globally so that it can be conveniently approached by anyone. A high-recall value contact information has the potential to draw a lot of ads from consumers and buyers in different locations around the world.



6. Cheap Usage Cost

The free numbers are much cheaper than expected. Line2 offers free numbers for less than $ 12.45 / month per user. Monthly rates and rates per minute make the implementation of free phone numbers so easy and economical.



7.  Convenient

You can make calls from any device using a cloud-based business phone network and a toll-free phone number. So it is easy for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients to connect.



8.  Enhanced Credibility

Toll-free numbers promise customers a valid contact number up or in the middle of a website. This gives you an idea of the ability of the company to cater to customer inquiries and improve the reputation of their business. A toll-free number for buyers helps to achieve the real estate company goals with minimal effort. The internal toll-free number gives your customers a sense of caring and ensures that your company is within range.


How to Get Toll Phone Numbers?


The word “1-800 number” can conjure up memories of ’90s wireless connections, using GoDaddy SmartLine, you can connect directly a toll-free number to your mobile. You’ll be able to make phone calls from that number using your own private phone once you have your phone attached.


In getting toll-free numbers a line2 is installed where ​one can transfer your existing number for free or offer you a new number immediately depending on your preference. There are no contracts, unlimited SMS and MMS messages, and virtually unlimited calls, all with no hidden fees. You can also get call forwarding and advanced call handling and take calls from any smart device available.