Top 3 Business Marketing Techniques to Attract Investors


For many businesses out there, whether big or small, the success found in attracting new customers or clients solely depends on their marketing technique or strategy. Surprisingly, today’s marketing strategies are designed to attract potential customers, but it also has the power to land significant investors – which is one of the driving forces behind your business’ success. In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of angel investors in North America. The United States alone has over 250,000 active angel investors!  Are you looking for ways to attract an investor for your business? If you’re not already using your marketing strategy, we’re here to show you how to do so. 



  • Search for investors within your niche market



One mistake you can make while pitching your business to an investor is to select one that doesn’t necessarily have an interest in your field of operation. This usually happens out of desperation since many business owners want the support within the shortest time possible without fully understanding what kind of investor they are looking for. Eventually, they will see their mistake, but it might be too late. 


For the best results and success, ensure that you conduct enough research before presenting your business to an investor. Make it a point to find out vital information about them, such as what kind of niches they typically invest in and their investment potential. Once you’ve gathered information sufficiently, you can start to finetune your marketing strategy and technique to include your pitch. 



  • Organize events that attract investors



If your business can afford to, you can organize and host events that attract investors. One of the most popular investor-landing programs to organize is a financial roadshow. They are excellent marketing tools designed to attract the best investors. However, they are more beneficial to businesses or companies looking to issue securities through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). 


To organize a financial roadshow, you will first need a team of executives equipped with the required presentation skills required to attract investors. The selected team usually travels -sometimes domestically or internationally- to meet with potential big-money investors. 



  • Ensure that you have a solid digital presence



After successfully pitching to a potential investor, the last thing you would want is to have them scouring the internet searching for you. Therefore, you must take the time to give your business an identity on the Internet. Ensure that your website is well-updated and is optimized to be viewed on other devices. Additionally, make sure that it loads quickly, as many people typically wait less than four seconds for webpages to load. Your website should have adequate information that gives your potential investor the chance to get to know you more. Furthermore, you can also boost your presence online through your social media accounts. You don’t have to be on every social networking site, just the ones relevant to your business. 


When you’re developing your marketing strategy, it’s vital to remember that it can also be used to attract investors. Hopefully, these three tips will help land the best kind of investor for your business.