Top 3 Tourist Spots in Banff


Living in Banff

Considering a trip to one of the highest towns in Canada? Soaring peaks, shimmering lakes and abundant wildlife make the area surrounding Banff a must-see. Seasons dictate the popular activities of Banff. Whether you’re into hiking or rafting, taking the easy way up a mountain or shredding the slopes on the way down, Banff is a spectacular place to be. 

The town of Banff itself is small, but it packs a sensory wallop that will leave you breathless, with soaring mountain peaks encircling a quaint, alpine setting. Its main street bustles with shopping and restaurants. Many are locally-owned, brimming with Canadian-made art and photography. 

Nearly 7 million visitors trek to the Banff National Park area each year, yet only a few ever succeed in planting their roots. For one thing, to acquire Banff Real Estate (the land is leased and the improvement is sold outright), the buyer must secure a ”consent to assignment” from Parks Canada, which may issue a land lease if certain conditions are met. The food offerings are ethnically diverse, but they include homegrown favourites such as Alberta steak, bison and elk. Below are must-see spots in Banff. 


  1. Riding the Banff Gondola isn’t just about getting to the top. The views along the way provide a very unique perspective of the scale of Banff and its surrounding region. Its 7,500-foot tall peak includes interactive exhibits, a gift shop, places to eat, and even a 360-degree observational deck with views of Banff and the Bow River Valley below.


  1. Lake Louise has long been a mecca for adventures. From sleigh rides, to dog sledding, paddling, hiking and more, there is something here for every level of adventurer. Lake Louise is also home to some incredible restaurants, many of which practice a farm-to-table ethos, bringing together the best of Alberta meats, to pair with the incredible nearby growing regions in British Columbia.


  1. When you’re not admiring Banff’s stunning scenery from a hiking trail or in the comfort of your car, get out on one of its rivers. Whether you’re craving the excitement of a whitewater rafting adventure or just want to peacefully glide through the water, you’ll find Banff tour operators satisfy a variety of interests. During these float tours, which can span one to nearly three hours, you’ll be seated in a raft as a guide paddles you calmly through the river. Not only is this a great tour for seniors and families with young children, but it’s also ideal for anyone who isn’t interested in getting wet (even your shoes are safe thanks to the rafts’ elevated floorboards).