Top 4 Most Competitive Financial Careers



Finance is the one career that is in limelight now and it is trying to bring a huge change in the mind-sets of people. Many employers find it difficult to find the right candidate for their work. The retiring workers go out from the office but the budding young candidates are still in a fix as to which career is most beneficial for them. Experience is the one thing that matters the most because with experience comes the better knowledge and understanding of certain concepts. Some companies need seven years’ experience while there are some companies who do not like to replace those employers who have 20 years’ experience in the field. But if you’re confident with the skills and knowledge that you have, there are many finance jobs in San Francisco for individuals who have potential – both in startups and large established companies. The most competitive financial careers in the present times are listed as under:

  • Controllers

The role of controllers is to keep the budget, financial planning and the debt management of the company in check. They are those who follow Generally Accepted Accounting Policies and they give financial rules. These controllers make it mandatory for the organisation to follow accounting policies and methods. These controllers are known to motivate their teams to earn better profits for their companies and seek to know the better changes for their companies. Getting the role of a controller is hard and one should have at least ten years of experience in the field of get the job.


  • Tax managers

Tax managers look after tax planning and try out all possible means to keep the tax of company at a check. They reduce the tax liabilities of the organisation and make sure that the company do not face any kind of obligation regarding tax payment. Tax managers also make sure that the companies follow laws and rules when they make tax payments. A person with MBA in Finance or a CPA designation is rightly honoured as a tax manager.


  • Fund and senior level accountants

Senior accountants are those who help in making financial reports, keep an eye on the assets and liabilities of companies, and try to reduce the liabilities to the minimum. The financial trends are looked by the senior accountants and they try their best to reduce the costs of companies so that they can purchase at lower rates. People wanting to be senior accountants need to have experience of around three to five years and they should be dedicated towards their work. They can also provide information related to payday lender in different cities of the world.


  • Valuation analysts

The role of a valuation analyst is to find out and determine the value of a business and in ways; they can increase their value to match up with the industries. The analyst should have a good understanding of accounts and finance so that they can deal with all the complications that a company can face. One has to be a CPA to get the job of a valuation analyst.


These are some of the top jobs that one can relate in the field of finance.


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