Top 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know about Kodi Media Player


Kodi is a prizewinning and free, open source software media center for playing pictures, games, music, videos and many more. Kodi created by XBMC Foundation is definitely one of the most talked about platform when it comes to media streaming. Kodi allows users to view and play most videos, movies, podcasts, and other types of digital media files from the internet, network and local media. Here are five interesting facts that you should know about Kodi:

  1. Kodi is legal

The reputation of Kodi has been tarnished by some users and media because of illegal content streaming. However, Kodi is legal and its developers are working relentlessly to curb its illegal use. This open source software program can be used to carry out some illegal activities such as accessing copyright-protected content, playing pirated content, and watching live TV without paying. Some people have already been arrested by breaking the law. However, keep in mind that downloading this software on your smartphone, PC, or smart TV is still legal.

  1. Kodi is free

If anyone is asking you to pay money for using this platform, you should not pay. This is because this software program is free and it does not need money. Casual viewers of movies or digital content do not have a box to be installed at their office or home. You can contribute to Kodi by making donations through their official website. Kodi is a great and free platform that you can use to access content especially if you are tired of spending cash on subscription services.

  1. Supports almost all multimedia formats

Kodi plays almost all the major multimedia formats for audio, images, and video. The software application will decode the video and audio formats to ensure that they are playable on whatever device that you are using. When Kodi platform is installed, it provides support for most remote controls and will also support most of the current generations of smart TV remotes. The Kodi remote application is also available in a few platforms and this allows you to install it on your tablet or phone to guarantee access to media files anywhere. This means that you can watch WWE on Kodi without any problem.

  1. Works on all devices

Kodi allows you to download software for the major operating systems such as Linux, iOS, OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, Android, BSD, Freescale IMX6, and Raspberry Pi. There is also Kodibuntu, which is dedicated operating software that runs on any device and can be used for primarily running Kodi. Kodibuntu is designed to be an alternative to Linux and Windows. The only exceptions to the near-universal compatibility are Windows Mobile Phone and Chrome OS.

  1. Kodi does not replace a cable TV

Since Kodi is an open source software platform, people who have knowledge of software development and programming can easily develop add-ons. In the past, many developers have created add-ons for this platform. Because the platform is free, the developers do not get paid for their work and this means there are countless add-ons for Kodi on the internet. Since Kodi developers support limited add-ons, it seems there is no future for these add-ons and also for the boxes as well.

When using Kodi to stream WWE shows, it is best that you use a VPN service. A good Kodi VPN or free VPN for Android will help to mask all your activities and offer you the privacy that you deserve. This will guarantee your protection on whatever you are streaming and it will protect your sensitive information. This means that you can connect to all the best Kodi wizards, add-ons, and builds without worrying about any repercussions.