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When you’re looking to create outstanding presentations that are stunning and effective, it’s nice to have an excellent platform to make things a little easier. Whether you need a flawless presentation for a project at work or for an academic assignment, there are plenty of apps, platforms and software to help you achieve high calibre presentations. Here we will discuss the top 5 platforms that offer lots of templates, support and customization, so you can present your ideas effectively with as little or as much flair as you like.

1) Beautiful.AI

Beautiful.AI wants to take the tedium out of slide building online. It starts you off with a wide range of customizable smart templates to choose from. Then you start adding to your slides. As you do this, their Design AI will line up graphics and text boxes, change fonts and animated slides for you, so all you have to worry about is your content. The platform also offers millions of free and clear photos and icons that you can use in your presentations. Whether you’re a novice or a professional presentation creator, Beautiful.AI just makes things simple and efficient. By applying design best practices to your slides for you, your presentations will always look clean, sleek and professional.

2) Prezi

This platform is all about the graphics. One of Prezi’s coolest features is its ability to create live HD presentations. A highly visual and interactive presentation can really draw attention to the relationships between ideas. It works well with non-linear presentations, allowing you to jump back and forth to create connections and review. Multiple users can create simultaneously, making it great for collaborators. A zoomable and infinite canvas that can be harnessed to create outstanding slides that will drive home your point.

3) Haiku Deck

Not only does Haiku Deck allow you to customize your slides, but it also has loads of smart themes and access to millions of free images from the Creative Commons collection. Choose your font, filters, colours and more to create the ultimate presentation that will move your audience forward The platform is accessible online, on iPad and on iPhone.

4) Custom Show

This presentation creator puts branding at the forefront. It’s excellent for businesses and business-oriented presentations. You’ll be able to show clients what your business stands for, what products and services you offer and how you can best benefit them and their interests. Custom Show also offers analytics and a slide library, so you can have a clear map of where you’ve been and where you want to go. And because it is cloud-based, you can access your slides from multiple devices.

5) Canva

Although Canva is presented as user-friendly graphic design software, it does more than you may imagine, including presentations. You can choose from thousands of pre-built designs and templates and customize them to fit your brand colours, personal preferences or design guide. Whether you’re a professional designer or a total novice, you can quickly and easily create stunning presentations that captivate while conveying your message. The drag and drop interface makes it simple to arrange your elements on your slides.


No matter your level of presentation experience, there are tools, software and platforms available to help you create amazingly beautiful presentations. Whether your audience is a meeting room full of professionals or a classroom of 13-year-olds, you want your presentations to capture their attention, keep their attention and inform them. Choose thoughtfully and happy presenting.