Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Email Marketing


Using email marketing will make your business stand out over the rest. Keep reading for top 5 reasons why your business should use email marketing.

59% of B2B marketers state email as their most effective channel in terms of return on investment. To top it off, welcome emails are incredibly effective: an estimated 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than any other promotional emails.

Using email marketing will make your business stand out over the rest. Keep reading for the top 5 reasons why your business should use email marketing.

Build Credibility

A big business obstacle is creating credibility with your target market, email marketing can help you do this. By using email marketing, you can start to have the potential customers on your email list recognize your brand and your service offering.

Next time an email comes in from your business, the person reading it recognizes the name and the logo. The more they learn about what you’re offering and your business, the more likely they are to start to trust in your brand name.

Create and Nurture Relationships

Your customers like to know that they matter to you and your business. Keeping them up to date with what is happening in your business and aware of promotions, sales and other important information are paramount.

You can’t get in touch with every, single one of your customers by phone. Email marketing allowed you to reach out to them with newsworthy content in one batch, with personalization software you can do this seamlessly.

This way, email marketing allows to create a relationship with your customer based on constant communication, and you can continue to nurture that relationship as they weave through your sales funnel and become recurring clients.

Reach People Anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of using email marketing is that your point of contact with your clients becomes limitless.

Sending out an email means you can reach your customer on any device, at any time during the day. Gone are the days where email was only accessible at a desk.

Now, you can send out your email marketing campaigns and reach your clients that are out of the country or on sabbatical, for whatever reason, they will still be able to access the information from your business that is important to them.

Generate Leads

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to ‘talk to’ your customers on an ongoing basis. Not every person who is on your email list will immediately be ready to make a purchase, so you nurture the conversation.

While you do this, your email contact slowly converts into a qualified lead, through analyzing what it is they’re reading, what they’re clicking on in your email. You can start to generate quality leads through analyzing the behavior of the recipients in your email marketing campaign.

But for your lead generation process to be intact and fully functional, you need a great CRM software to head up your data in the backend. There are many options available but look into HubSpot Salesforce comparison by PieSync for a great comparison read.

Boost Your Overall Sales

The biggest part of your email marketing campaign is the content you decide to send out. Your audience will get tired if every update you send is all about sell, sell, sell!

Create a content plan that speaks to your audience, think of doing welcome emails when someone new jumps onboard with no hidden motive but simply to welcome them to your business.

Sneak your sales and promotions emails periodically into your email marketing campaign, so that the idea of this is appealing to your audience as opposed to irritating.

You Should Use Email Marketing

If you’re not using email marketing, you should be. It boils down to the fact the return on investment is large, implementing email marketing software is virtually inexpensive and budget-friendly.

With the right email marketing software, you can schedule posts far in advance and it won’t impact on the time you need to actually run your business.

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