Top Factors to Consider when Customizing your Wristbands


You have probably stopped to stare at a nightclub or bar’s custom wristbands as many people retain their wristbands from parties long after the event has ended. Wristbands for venues and events serve as amazing branding opportunities for event planners as well as fashionable memorabilia for guests. There are a number of customization tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that your wristbands end up as souvenirs instead of being forgotten in a pile of junk.

Customizing Wristbands

Some people are skeptical about the value of custom wristbands since they require effort and time on design while generic or plain ones can be ordered fast. The reality is that custom wristbands enable you to recover the costs of the bands and more while enhancing how the guests feel about the event.

General designs are acceptable if your event is coming up within a short period of time and you require them quickly. However, giving yourself enough time will give you access to outstanding and memorable custom wristbands. Wristbands make it easier to admit guests along with aiding the process of segmenting patrons and points of sale.


Wristbands are made from various materials but the common ones include woven fabric, silicone, plastic, vinyl and tyvek. The material affects how designs translate from their digital form into the real wristband. Plastic, vinyl or tyvek are commonly used materials for making single-use wristbands.

  • Tyvek wristbands are ideal for images that do not have thin lines or a lot detail.
  • Vinyl supports more detail and is a thicker alternative to tyvek.
  • Plastic wristbands can accommodate a significant amount of detail, are thin and comfortable.
  • Silicone wristbands are typically used as fashion accessories and for events that consist of several days. They are a common feature among charities that promote awareness and nonprofit organizations. This type of wrist band can be used for branding and messaging through text that can be silkscreened or embossed.
  • Woven wristbands are eye-catching and have the ability to accommodate full color text and images due to the threads that are used. They support detailed designs.


Color is a major consideration when you want the color themes of your brand or event to match the wristband. Before choosing a particular color for your wristband, think about the color of the logo or text that you want printed onto it. Certain wristbands might only support a few print colors, which means that you may end up with a dark wristband and black text. Try to pick colors that contrast with each other.



Print resolution is typically measured by the dots per inch or DPI. This is an important factor when selecting a logo or image for your wristband. A higher DPI ensures that your images are crisp and clear when printed. While designing the wristband, make sure that the most essential elements are visible.


After choosing a material al that is left to do is order your wristband. It is important to have enough time for production as well as shipping, especially with custom wristbands that need more time than plain wristbands.