Top Things You Should Look for in Legal Aid Solicitors 



The legal maxim ‘those who have less in life should have more in law’ is proof that the law is the greatest equaliser. This explains why penal statutes are always construed in favour of the accused and labour laws construed favouring the employee. Both the accused and employee have one thing in common — they stand to lose something beneficial when they’re adjudged guilty of a legal offence. While the accused loses his freedom, the employee loses his livelihood. 


The same principle also applies to every litigant who comes looking for legal aid solicitors. To be qualified for legal aid, one must prove that he does not have the financial capacity to go through the case. Since every citizen has the constitutional right to a day in court, your financial circumstance shouldn’t hinder the exercise of it. For as long as you satisfy the law-provided requisites, you can prosecute as a pauper. 


But getting approval to litigate with legal aid assistance is just half of the battle; finding the best Legal Aid Solicitor to help you fight your cause in court is the other half. If you are not sure what qualities to look for in a legal aid lawyer, here are some tips that should help you narrow down your search.

Expertise in the case

These lawyers can represent you in cases involving motoring law, mental health, family law, criminal defence, the court of protection, community care, and business defence. However, not all legal aid lawyers are experts in all these provinces of law. Yes, they may know it since these are all law subjects you learn in law school. But, you need to work with a lawyer who has relevant years of experience in the kind of case you’re filing. 


If you’re filing for divorce, it’s best to work with a divorce solicitor. If you’re fighting a custody case, work with a child custody solicitor. If your case involves domestic abuse, it’s better to look for a domestic abuse solicitor with years of relevant litigation experience. The skills, specialisation, and track record of these lawyers will give you the leverage in the case. 

Easy to work with

When you decide to go through litigation, you will most likely spend countless hours with your lawyer. You will also be forced to share intimate details with him to build your defence, mitigate your culpability, or prove your innocence. If you don’t trust your lawyer, no matter how good he is, there’s a very high chance that your case will be dismissed. 


Experience taught you that when you feel disconnected and distant with a person, you set walls and boundaries — things you have to tear down when you want your lawyer to defend you well. So, save yourself the agony of relating with the lawyer you don’t connect with. Instead, go for legal solicitors who you feel like you’ll get along fine. 

Go for seasoned lawyers 

Experience is the best teacher. This saying applies well to lawyers with different expertise. They may be inherently good and may even have topped the bar exam. But, if they don’t have extensive years of experience in the particular field of law where your case falls, they might not be for you. To accumulate as many winning chances as you can, go for seasoned lawyers. 


Whether you’re dealing with non-molestation orders, estate proceedings, divorce, or motor vehicle collision cases, always choose the lawyer with the qualities we mentioned above. By simply having them at your disposal, it would already seem like you’re getting a favourable verdict.