Top Tips to Maintain A Company Car


Regardless of the line of business, you are in, company cars are always a nice addition. Whether it’s a logistics establishment or simply part of the perks employees receive, there’s actually a lot of work that goes into maintaining them. In fact, before even buying a car for your business there were certain things you had to take into account. 


Altogether, this points to the fact that company cars are an investment that needs to be well taken care of. It’s not just about protecting your investment, there’s also the fact that these vehicles represent your company. You need to look for ways to put your best leg forward. Based on that information alone, here are some top tips to maintain company cars.



  • Lay down the law


At the beginning at it all, you have to start by laying down the law. For the most part, that’s the only way you’ll be able to know if something is out of place, or if there are any defaulters. Once your prerequisites have been laid down, it should be relatively easy for you to oversee what happens to, and with your vehicle. 


The individuals you decide to entrust with these cars, either for commercial or personal use, should come with a clean slate. Say no to drunken disorderly behaviour, and any kind of criminal record. If you want the cars to remain in ‘near tip-top shape’, then you need to pose it more as a responsibility than a privilege.



  • Track your drivers


Now, this is something you should probably do if you run a commercial establishment. The truth is that you can never really be sure what your employees are doing when you aren’t there. The best way to go about it is to use services like fleet dash cam to keep an eye on them. With a state of the art dash camera, not only do you benefit, but your drivers can pretty much keep a closer eye on the vehicle as well. Also, try your best to put systems in place so you can determine who is doing what, and when. 



  • Compile a maintenance checklist


Cars are machines and eventually, every machine needs to be tuned up the right way. Whether you do it yourself or take it to a professional, your car needs to be maintained if you want it to keep running. If it’s used for commercial purposes, then you are in luck because you can keep an eye on the servicing of the vehicles. 


But, if it’s being given out for personal use, it’s a bit harder to step in. The best way to go about it is to have a designated auto shop and actually schedule mandatory maintenance. It’s not much in terms of control, but you should be able to ensure that your employees take responsibility this way.



There are so many things that make it a lot easier to maintain a company car, the above included. But for the most part, do what is accessible to you in addition to any points you find useful on here.