Top Ways To Improve Your Email Productivity


It seems like email can take over our lives if we let it. Most of us check our email almost compulsively from various devices, and we can never truly unplug because of our smartphones that we are attached to. With that being said, while being in constant contact may be a regular part of our lives, there are ways to be at least more productive with how emails are handled.

When you improve your email productivity, you can put that time toward other areas of your business and your life.

The following are some of the best tips to follow if you want to boost email-related productivity in your daily life.

Make Sure You Have Good Spam Filters

Probably the most important thing you can do not just regarding being more productive with the handling of your email but also protecting all of your information and even your business is to ensure you have the best possible exchange spam filter.

You want to make sure you’re blocking not just spam that takes up your valuable time to sift through, but also that you’re protecting your network from threats to your servers.

If you’re going to invest anyplace with your email, make it on your spam filters.

Create an Email Schedule

Losing chunks of your day on email can be easy. Checking email is crucial of course because people in the business world expect to be able to contact you pretty easily, but it doesn’t have to be the central focus of your day.

Give yourself a window of time every day, or depending on your needs, a few intervals throughout the day, where you focus exclusively on email, but don’t do it outside of those times.

When you have an email schedule, make sure you have a system set up for prioritizing what needs to be handled first and what can wait until later.

Have Separate Email Accounts

You don’t want to spend your workday responding to personal emails and vice versa, so set up different email accounts, one for business and one for personal. This is also good from a security perspective as well, so that if someone does hack one of your accounts, not all of your information is in the same place.

You might also consider a third email account where all of your extra emails can be sent, such as newsletters and coupons you’re signed up to receive. That way, you don’t spend any of your work time looking at those emails, and you can save them for your off hours.

As a final note, if you want to be more productive with your email, turn off any notifications you receive on any device that lets you know if you’ve received an email. Getting those notifications can drive you crazy when you’re trying to spend your time elsewhere, and you ultimately end up spending your entire day on email when you have them in most cases. When you have automated notifications they’re a continual distraction, so disabling them in and of itself is likely to make you more productive in the management of your email.